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Lady Warriors 1-3 with four thrilling games at Lakota Nation

By Rich Winter

The official record from the 2015 Lakota Nation tournament says the Lady Warriors went 1-3 but oh what a 1-3 it was.

The Lady Warriors opened the tournament with a 52-51 win over Custer, then played well in a 55-48 loss to Todd County in the quarterfinals.

A five point loss to CEB was followed by a three point loss to McLaughlin as the Warriors were in every game but ended up finishing 8th in this year’s tournament. 

Game 1: St. Francis 52 Custer 51

The Lady Warriors of St. Francis opened the 2015 Lakota Nation tournament with one of the more thrilling games of the opening round, slipping by Custer, 52-51. 

Matilda Anderson led all scorers with 19 points while teammate Charlize Arcoren also reached double-figures with 12 points.

Scoring Summary:

TCHS     24    28  - 52

CUHS     23    28  - 51

Scoring: Charlize Arcoren 12, Haylee Quick Bear 5, Neola Spotted Tail 5, Matilda Anderson 19, Sheigh Lunderman 6, Sunshine Arcoren 5

Rebounds: Spotted Tail and Anderson (6 apiece)

Steals: Anderson (4) Lunderman (3)

Game 2: Todd County 55 St. Francis 48

Facing off against cross-country rival Todd County in Thursday’s quarterfinals, the Lady Warriors were out-scored by three in each half as Todd County earned a 55-48 victory. 

Seniors Sheigh Lunderman and Neolla Spotted Tail paced the Warriors with 16 and 14 points respectively. 

Scoring Summary:

SFIS   20   28   - 48

TCHS 24   31   - 55

Scoring: Charlize Arcoren 1, Neolla Spotted Tail 14, Matilda Anderson 11, Sheigh Lunderman 16, Sunshine Arcoren 5

Rebounds: Anderson (8), Spotted Tail (5)

Steals: Quick Bear and Spotted Tail (1 apiece)

Game 3: Cheyenne Eagle Butte 63 St. Francis 58

On day three of the 2015 Lakota Nation tournament the St. Francis girls ran into a solid squad in the Cheyenne Eagle Butte Braves. 

Justice Fire Cloud pumped in 22 points to lead Eagle Butte to a 63-58 win over St. Francis.

Charlize Arcoren had a breakout game with 22 points to lead St. Francis. 

Scoring Summary:

SFIS    26    32  - 58

CEB     27    36 - 63

St. Francis scoring:

Chalize Arcoren 22, Haylee Quick Bear 7, Neolla Spotted Tail 7, Matilda Anderson 11, Sheigh Lunderman 9, Sunshine Arcoren 2

Rebounds: Anderson 13, Quick Bear 6

Steals: Anderson 2

Game 4: McLaughlin 69 St. Francis 66

With each of it’s first three games being close, St. Francis fans got more edge-of-their-seats basketball as the Lady Warriors dropped a 69-66 decision to McLaughlin on the final day of Lakota Nation. 

Freshman Haylee Quick Bear had her best tournament game with 17 points.

In the final half of Saturday’s game, St. Francis scored 41 points despite being leg weary from a four-day tournament. 

Scoring summary: 

SFIS   25    41  -  66

MCHS 32    37  -  69

Scoring: Charlize Arcoren 5, Haylee Quick Bear 17, Neolla Spotted Tail 14, Matilda Anderson 17, Sheigh Lunderman 13

Rebounds: Anderson 9, Lunderman 5

Steals: Spotted Tail 2

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