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Falcon Boys fight well with 2-2 LNI record

By Rich Winter

After dropping game one of the 2015 LNI tournament, the Todd County boys high school basketball team earned wins over Crazy Horse and Tiospa Zina to reach the finals of their bracket.

Down a few players to injury, Todd County dropped their final game of the tournament to Cheyenne Eagle-Butte.

Game 1: Lower Brule 71 Todd County 53

After staying with Lower Brule for much of Thursday night’s late game, the turnover bug bit Todd County late as Lower Brule earned a 71-53 win over the Falcons. 

Chris Comes Flying led Lower Brule with 33 points while Aiden Bizardie paced Todd County with 12. 

Scoring Summary:

TCHS      31   22  - 53

LBHS      34   37  - 71

Scoring: Aiden Bizardie 12, Gavyn Spotted Tail 2, Austin Hammer 9, John Hacker 6, Toby Hacker 4, Chris Eagle Bear 9, John Boyd 9, Weston Frazier 2

Rebounds: Eagle Bear 4

Game 2 - TCHS 78 Crazy Horse 40

After dropping their opener with Lower Brule, Todd County rebounded with an easy, 78-40 win over Crazy Horse.

John Hacker led the Falcons with 20 points but the Falcons got double-digit points from Aiden Bizardie, John Boyd and Chris Eagle Bear.

Eagle Bear continued his solid efforts on the board with 11 rebounds. 

Scoring: Umpo Kills In Sight 4, Aiden Bizardie 12, Austin Hammer 2, Antone Iron Heart 2, John Hacker 20, Lorenn Dragg, Toby Hacker 9, Ty Arcoren 2, Chris Eagle Bear 2, John Boyd 10, Weston Frazier 4

Rebounds: Eagle Bear 11

Game 3: Todd County 75 Tiospa Zina 72

After dropping behind early Todd County fought back to claim a 75-72 win over Tiospa Zino that put the Falcons into the championship game of their bracket.

Senior Austin Hammer led the Falcons with 25 points while freshman, Aiden Bizardie pumped in a career high of 17. 

Scoring Summary:

TCHS    38    37  -  75

TZHS    42   30   - 72

Scoring: Umpo Kills In Sight 7, Aiden Bizardie 17, Austin Hammer 25, Antone Iron Heart 2, Toby Hacker 7, Chris Eagle Bear 8, John Boyd 7, Weston Frazier 2

Rebounds: Toby Hacker and Eagle Bear (7 apiece)

Steals: Bizardie and Hammer (3 apiece)

Game 4: CEB 84 Todd County 64

After fighting their way back from a tournament opening loss with two straight wins, Todd County ran into a buzz-saw as Cheyenne Eagle Butte shut down the Falcons in an 84-64 win for the Braves.

Todd County, down several players because of injury or other, was led in scoring by Aiden Bizardie and Umpo Little Doctor who had 16 and ten points respectively. 

Scoring Summary: 

TCHS      25    39  - 64

CEB        37   47  - 84

Scoring: Umpo Kills In Sight 10, Aiden Bizardie 16, Gav¥n Spotted Tail 3, Austin Hammer 8, Antone Iron Heart 7, Toby Hacker 9, Chris Eagle Bear 4, Weston Frazier 7

Rebounds: Hacker and Eagle Bear (9 apiece)

Steals: Umpo Kills In Sight (5)


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