RST Council votes to remove Tribal President Cyril ‘Whitey’ Scott

After weeks of postponements and court delays, RST Tribal Chairman, Cyril ‘Whitey’ Scott faced a second ethics hearing during an April 14, Tribal Council meeting brought by Antelope, Councilman, Calvin, ‘Hawkeye’ Waln.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Tribal Council voted 16-0 to remove Scott from office and banned him from ever running for or holding a Tribal office.

In a memo from the Secretaries Office in Rosebud, dated April 14, 2015:

Motion by Lila Kills In Sight that after providing notice and giving Cyril Scott the opportunity to reply to the ethics complaint filed by Calvin Waln, Trbal Council makes the finding that counts 1 and 3-5 are considered neglect of duty and gross misconduct, further the described conduct violates Sections F, K, L and M of Ordinance 86-04. Hence, Cyris Scott is hereby removed as President of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe effective immediately, Cyril Scott is hereby disqualified from again seeking tribal office. Second by Kathy Wooden Knife, questioned by Arnetta Brave. The vote was 16 in favor, 0 – opposed and 0 not voting.  

The Council at their next meeting will select someone within the Council, 45 years of age or older, to fill the Vice-Chairman’s vacancy. Mr. Willie Kindle, Vice Chairman, will fulfill the remainder of the Chair until the election in August. 

While the removal/ban appears to be binding, a story on Scott came out via the Associated Press painting a different picture and challenging the removal.

“They needed to get me out of the way so they could go forward with all these illegal activities and expenditures,” Scott said.

Scott’s attorney, Gary Montana told reporters Thursday that he and Scott are appealing the decision to the Rosebud Sioux tribal court system. Montana’s claim the removal by council violated the constitution of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

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