SGU’s Freshman Success Program

Antelope Lake, S.D. 

Did you know that, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, students who have success in their first semester of college are almost TWICE as likely to graduate than those who did not complete their first semester? 

With this in mind, Sinte Gleska University is proud to honor the 60 first-time college students who joined our Freshman Success Program this fall. This program empowers new students with the tools to excel in their first semester and beyond, easing the transition from high school to university, fostering community and preparing students for their post-secondary educational journey. 

Students in the program - made up of recently graduated high school students as well as older students who have never earned college credit - attended a comprehensive orientation, received new laptops, met advisors, registered for classes, and met many of the students and staff members they would work with throughout the year. These freshmen are all eligible for up to $ 1,000 in scholarships from SGU this semester, including incentives for attending orientation, successfully passing classes, and attending the Freshman Success Lunches. 

Weekly Freshman Success Lunches, hosted by Dan Seibel (Dean of Academics) and Charlotte Emery (counselor), are a new effort to support students throughout their first semester. It provides an opportunity for our freshmen to share a meal, make connections, and hear from campus experts on different topics ranging from mental health to financial aid to study skills and beyond. An online option is available for those not able to join in person. 

At SGU we are committed to cultivating growth, mentorship, holistic health, and academic readiness. Please join us in celebrating the students of the Freshman Success Program as they develop into the future leaders of the Lakota nation and broader community!

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