RST 2021 General Election Complete

The 2021 Rosebud Sioux Tribal general election was held Thursday, August 26, 2021. These results are “unofficial” as there is a one week challenge period which ends at 1 p.m., Friday, September 3.
The new elected officials will take office on September 7.
Scott O. Herman, 1,374; Rodney M. Bordeaux, 937
Vice President:
William “Willie” Kindle, 1173; Delores “Totes” Waln, 1143
Nicole R. Marshall, 1261; Louis “Wayne” Boyd, 1052
Stephan Denoyer, III, 1281; Luti Stone Davis, 1019
Community Representative Antelope:
Jordan Rahn, 1223; Calvin E. “Hawkeye” Waln, Jr., 1053
Community Representative Bull Creek:
Lisa White Pipe, 1631; Everly “Dean” Lunderman, 626
Community Representative Corn Creek:
Stanley Wooden Knife, Jr., 1309; Gerald Black Bear, Jr., 948
Community Representative He Dog:
Micah R. Lunderman, 1158; Royal Yellow Hawk, 1112
Community Representative Horse Creek:
Fremont G. Fallis, 1242; Aaron Stoddard, 1008
Community Representative Ring Thunder:
Martha Blue Thunder, 1269; Rose Two Strike Stenstrom, 985
Community Representative Rosebud:
Shere Wright-Plank, 1266; Dave Brushbreaker, 1033
Community Representative St. Francis:
Raymond Crow Eagle, 1243; Michael R. Boltz, 1033
Community Representative Swift Bear:
Dera Iyotte, 1499; Delano Clairmont, 751
Community Representative Upper Cut Meat:
Dwight Damian Spotted Tail, 1181; Kathleen High Pipe, 1078

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