Rosebud Fair and Youth Concerns primary topics at recent Council Meeting

By Eric Harrold, Staff Writer

RSTC divided over Rosebud Fair narrowly votes in favor to hold it in face of Surging Pandemic

Prior to a vote on whether to hold Rosebud Fair in the face of the rise in Covid cases due to the Delta variant, Council Representative Bob Rattling Leaf gave an impassioned speech about the welfare of the reservation community and making a decision in the best interest of the people at the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council meeting held on Thursday, July 29th. Rattling Leaf said flatly that he could not support a motion to hold the fair, given the threat the new variant of the virus poses. Rattling Leaf said expert opinion is that youth are vulnerable to contracting the Delta variant. … to continue reading, you may purchase a newspaper at the Todd County Tribune in Mission, S.D., participating retailers or online here.

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