Australian Elders visit Rosebud Reservation

On June 27, 2019, seven elders from Australia traveled to Lakota Country to share knowledge, customs, wisdom and togetherness with Lakota tribal members in South Dakota. The elders arrived in Rosebud on Saturday, July 6, and departed to continue their journey on Monday, July 8.

The elders belong to the Ramindjeri, Tangani, Yaralde, Meintangk, Kukabrak, Ngarrindjeri, Yaggle, and Arrente/Anmatyerre Australian Aboriginal peoples.

The purpose of the trip was “Ngopan Ruwe” - walking, talking and sharing cultural knowledge on land, water, and within the cosmology - and to meet tribal members to experience the philosophy of “Wolakota” from the Lakota people.

The meeting of these ancient tribes was a wonderful occasion to participate in togetherness, strength and unity.

The Australian elders’ travels through Lakota Country ended on Tuesday, July 9. While in Rosebud, they had the opportunity to visit the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center and the RST Adult Correctional Facility.

After leaving the reservation, the group will visit Washington, D.C., before returning to Australia.

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