Brandon Whipple & Shelby Little Shield part of brilliant classes of 2019

By Rich Winter

A quick look at the calendar finds that graduation ceremonies are closing in like a freight train.

One of the really great things about working for the Todd County Tribune is seeing the Class of 2019 winning awards, being nominated for prestigious awards and offices, and seeing dreams come true as college scholarships to some of the finest learning institutions seem to spring forward on a weekly basis.

Shelby Little Shield:

A pretty busy stretch here for the St. Francis Indian School senior. Last week she was named All-State Student Council. On Saturday, she was competing in the Winner track meet. Monday she was at the State Student Council Convention, and Wednesday, she’ll be in Kansas, visiting Haskell Indian Nations University.

“To get named All-State Student Council you have to be really involved with your community, school, and state. I’ve been an active member since I was a sophomore and have gotten Secretary, Vice-President, and the Capitol Region President. My term for Capitol Region President ends later tonight,” Little Shield said. “It’s been really fun getting to meet people throughout our region and being able to be a Native Representative at State Level. I get involved with Student Council to keep busy and show other Natives that we are empowered. I love being known as a student leader and being able to learn all the knowledge that comes with it.”

Over the weekend and into Monday, a basketball team comprised of students from Todd County and St. Francis finished 2nd in the Silver Bracket at the All-West Tourney in Denver. Lost a close, 2-point game to Lame Deer, Montana, in the finals.

Coached by Merle Anderson and Henry Quick Bear, the team consisted of Lacee Halligan, Haylee Quick Bear, Samantha Yellow Eagle, Matilda Anderson, Teciah Spotted Tail, Kelsie Herman, Raven Cournoyer and Shanelle Lone Dog.

One other item from that tournament, Matilda R. Anderson received the Mark Ulmer Memorial Scholarship Award at that All-West Tourney.

Some exciting news for Todd County senior Brandon Whipple who announced he had been accepted to the University of Southern California.

Kinda keep a social media on Whipple because he’s creative and different and really talented in communications and video making.

He also has a voice!

In relation to a school video that was recently taken down, a portion of that from Whipple’s point of view.

Whipple: “So recently one of my videos was censored because it was ‘too dark’ (The Falcon Knight).”

“Bullying is still alive and still happens at Todd County. And it’s like that because there’s nothing to combat it. And yeah, maybe me pointing that out will piss people off. And as for the Falcon Knight? The Falcon Knight is less of a character and more of an idea. An idea that someone will always be there for you. An idea that you’re never alone and that someone will always care. We may not have a literal vigilante, but someone out there cares about you and is willing to fight for you. You’re not alone.”

Early last week I watched one of Whipple’s youtube videos posted on a Rosebud Sioux Tribal media outlet.

The video consisted of Whipple playing the part of the Interviewer and Interviewee as he posted a parody of himself interviewing himself.

It was funny, and clever and smart and fresh, and current...Whipple seems to have a bright future in communications, and/or film or politics, or whatever he sets his mind to.

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