Historical trauma training at He Dog Elementary

By NISN Fellow Lynette White Hat (SUBMITTED)
On Monday March 25, 2019, He Dog staff received trauma informed training.
Sunrise Black Bull and Letoy Lunderman began their training with a video called “We shall remain.” This helped the staff get an idea of how strong and resilient our people are despite the difficulties we face.
Black Bull took the staff down the road of historical trauma that began with the boarding school systems starting with Carlisle Indian school in Penn. This trickled down to the local boarding schools here on the reservation and helped explain to the staff why they see some the behaviors they do in the classroom. She also explained the effects that followed that system.
Lunderman helped explain how this affected the family dynamics and how our people are still healing from these traumas. The overall message was the vitality of understanding the situations and traumas our young relatives come from and how to work with them in a good way. How to be proactive in the classroom and not reactive.

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