Jewel Big Crow crowned Miss SGU Winyan 2019

By Kevin Thranow
After a festive week of activities, The Todd County Tribune caught up with incoming Miss SGU Winyan Jewel Big Crow and outgoing Miss SGU Sannita (Blue Thunder) One Star before the final Gand Entry of Sinte Gleska University’s Founders Week Wacipi on Sunday afternoon.
At a special on Saturday night sponsored by her family, One Star looked back on her time as Miss SGU with good memories, looked forward to new challenges, and thanked her family and SGU President Lionel Bordeaux for their support and encouragement.
On Sunday she elaborated on the experience saying that it had given her a great opportunity to learn to speak in public with more confidence and how that has prepared her for her next steps in life. She enjoyed attending school functions and conferences, and giving welcome addresses at the various events that she attended as a representative of Sinte Gleska University.
When they adopted her as a child, Marian One Star-Sorace and her husband Bill Sorace made a promise to Sannita’s birth mother that she would learn traditional dancing and art, and Marian and Bill kept that promise. Marian says that carrying her native traditions is something that will stay with Sannita for her entire life and help to keep her on a path of service and happiness.
 One Star is a third-year Fine Arts major at SGU. Marian says that her late father, Lloyd One Star, Sr., used to say that everyone is an artist and he encouraged all of his children to learn traditional arts and dancing.
Asked if she had any words of wisdom for her successor, Sannita One Star said, “Just have fun and enjoy the experience. There are so many opportunities to learn new things and to express yourself.”
Big Crow says that she is ready for the challenge and looks forward to the events and learning activities that await her. A first-year Human Services major at SGU, Jewel currently envisions a post-graduate future as a social worker and plans to stay on the Rosebud Reservation to be of service to her community.
Two areas that she’d like to address with young audiences are addiction and suicide, problems that are ripping away the social fabric on the reservation and destroying traditional native values. There are no easy solutions, but Big Crow is hopeful that her forum as Miss SGU Winyan 2019 will give her a chance to speak with young people and make a difference in their lives.
The Tribune extends best wishes to both of these special young women for futures full of promise and accomplishment.

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