Meek and Valburg re-elected to Cherry-Todd Electric board

By Kevin Thranow

The annual meeting of the Cherry-Todd Electric Cooperative members took place last Saturday at the Community Events Center in White River.

The two main points of business were the election of directors for the Mellette County district and a vote on a proposed bylaw amendment that would align the election of directors with the meeting taking place in their county.

Cooperative member Rose Cordier objected to the passing of the minutes for the last board meeting, which was continued to another date for the purpose of finishing the election of the Todd County director, stating that the meetings were not properly conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. After consulting with the co-op’s attorney, David Larson, board president Shawn Bordeaux continued the previous motion and the minutes were passed.

After each candidate for the Mellette County director positions gave a brief address, a motion was made to hold the voting for the directors and the bylaw amendment.

Cordier, Mellette County director candidate Phyllis Ann White Shield, and Oyate for Fairness and Equal Representation (OFFER) co-founder Ronald Neiss called for a point of order separating the election of directors and the vote for the bylaw amendment, which was upheld, resulting in two separate voting sessions.

Ultimately, the bylaw amendment was passed by a narrow margin, and candidates Whitney Meek and Dan Valburg were re-elected to their current board positions as Mellette County directors.

After a report by the Tribal Utility Commission, a call for new business was answered by White Shield who made a motion to hold another meeting in 30 days open to all members of the cooperative to clarify the meaning and intent of all bylaw amendments and to introduce new bylaw amendments. The motion was carried.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned, and all attendees were treated to a hamburger cook-out provided by Buche Foods. Throughout the event, several door prizes were awarded, including various goods as well as cash prizes.

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