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Newly elected RST Officers promise to work with one heart and one mind for the Oyate

By Rich Winter

After the Rosebud Sioux Tribe’s inauguration ceremony Tuesday, each of the newly sworn-in Tribal Officers had an opportunity to speak about the upcoming three-year term. President Rodney Bordeaux, Vice-Chairman Scott Herman, Treasurer Louis (Wayne) Boyd and Tribal Secretary Linda Marshall each offered some thoughts.

President Bordeaux said he’s been working on a rough-draft plan for his term. He acknowledged Wayne Boyd for his presidential candidacy and told Boyd he would work with him as he’s done in the past. Bordeaux noted that he and Herman had already met the previous week and said things are going to work well. “We want to keep each other informed and keep the open line of communication with the other officers and the council,” he said.

Bordeaux congratulated each of the ten newly elected council-people and assured the ten new and ten existing council members that he would work with them. The newly elected president thanked William “Willie” Kindle for his service saying he appreciated Kindle’s service, making his new service easier.

“I want to assure Tribal employees that I will work with them in service for our people,” Bordeaux said. “We have been charged with a great opportunity and to work for our people in the right way, working together and staying positive.”

Bordeaux assured Tribal Directors there would be better coordination and said he would have an open line of communications with the Tribe’s Media Department, the local newspapers and on social media platforms. Bordeaux recalled being in high school and having no classes about Tribal politics and he said he would strive to be more immersed in the education of young people.

“I want to encourage our younger people to run for office and think about service to our Tribe while they continue their education,” Bordeaux said. President Bordeaux also said he’s spoken with Duane Hollow Horn Bear and noted he would be going to St. Francis Indian school classes to talk about treaties and Lakota studies.

“I’d like to instill in our young people what we need as a Tribal Government and where we want to go and how much we need them to come up and take our places,” Bordeaux said. “The sooner they start the better, and we have a tremendous opportunity to work with the youth.”

Bordeaux said he’s establishing a staff in his office, noting that Mary Lambert, John Spotted Tail and Tina Martinez are already on staff. “I’m taking resumes and want to develop a good team that works well and communicates with Tribal Council.”

Vice-Chair Scott Herman noted that his meeting last week with Bordeaux was a good one.

“I think our communications went well and the next three years are going to be good ones,” Herman said. “We can get better at what we do and I really believe it is going to get better.”

Herman spoke of concern during his first three-year term about follow-up and who was doing what follow-up.

“Rodney and I are on the same page and we are going to be effective out of our offices,” Herman said. “We have a lot of work to do and a lot of issues, and we need to sit down and talk about how we are going to tackle those issues.”

Wayne Boyd will continue as Tribal Treasurer and he welcomed all the newly elected council members saying he was looking forward to working with every one of them.

“Rodney and I are old guys...and I didn’t think we’d ever make it here,” Boyd said. “Between Rodney and I we want to provide leadership for the next generations.”

Boyd encouraged the new council members they had resources here on the Rosebud Reservation.

“We have some of the smartest people in the country that come from the Rosebud,” Boyd said. “Reach out to those people here. They are excited to help you and reaching out is how we learn.”

Boyd extended a challenge to all the Tribal Council members. “Let’s all be leaders. Be leaders in your own communities,” Boyd said. “If we can just take the time to resolve a lot of the issues in our communities, by the time it gets here we can take action and that will help us move things along.”

Linda Marshall, Tribal Secretary, said she was privileged and honored to serve in this capacity. Marshall congratulated the newly elected officers and council that had stepped forward to join the circle of leadership. And she paid tribute to her mentor, Frank Lapointe, whom she served with while secretary for Rosebud community.

“Frank was a good man, he had a lot of knowledge and he really influenced my life working with the Tribe,” Marshall said. “We can all complain but it is the leaders who have extended vision, that see things not as they are but as they could be.”

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