President Kindle Cuts Ribbon To Rosebud Sioux Tribal Annex Building

Sunlight warmed the snow outside the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Annex Buildings, the new additions behind the RST Tribal Council Chambers during the ribbon cutting ceremony Monday, February 26.

After smudging the main entrance to the new building, Rosebud Sioux Tribe Vice-president Scott Herman welcomed the small crowd gathered outside and commented that the construction of the new annex, “was a good idea to have this built here; and hopefully there will be more to come.”

It was also shared that the new Tribal annex building began as a collective effort between different programs to create one unit.  Once a decision was made and various programs and offices began to work together, plans were drawn up just two weeks after Tribal Council approval.  The offices were allocated before the building was finished and will be at capacity.

Wayne Bear Shield added, “By using our own company and people, [the project] was more cost effective.”

A prayer was then offered by Chief Roy Stone to officiate the occasion.

Rosebud Sioux Tribal president William Kindle offered appreciation to RST Treasurer Wayne Boyd; Human Resources Director Linda Honahni, and Tribal Enrollment Director Caroline Horse Looking for their involvement in the project. President Kindle then cut the ribbon, beforehand stating that it was, “really a fine day that I get to come over and cut the ribbon.”

Linda Honahni, RST Human Resource Director provided details about the offices that have moved over to the Annex.  The Tribal programs and offices that have transferred over to the new annex buildings are (upper floor): Human Resources, Legislative Affairs, Tribal Enrollment Department, Revenue Department, and the Treaty Office.  The lower floor is host to the following offices: Tribal Utilities Commission, Employment Assistance program, RST Elections Office; and on the other side is the RST prosecuters Office. 

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