Valve break leads to flooded basement at Todd County high school

By Rich Winter

Early Friday morning, Todd County High School employees, Emil Wilson and Joey Boyd, hadn’t gotten the call that school had been cancelled because of a water problem in the city of Mission.

So, Wilson and Boyd went about their normal morning duties, only something seemed wrong as both could hear water running somewhere.

Boyd went upstairs to check on the bathrooms while Wilson went downstairs to see if he could find the problem.

When Wilson opened a door in the basement, weight room area, water spilled out onto his feet.

“I came down here and as soon as I opened the door, it was enough to overflow into the weight room and it just kept coming,” Wilson said. 

After some initial checking, Wilson determined a valve on a pipe in the basement room had broken so he immediately called his supervisor, Tim Cournoyer.

After calling Cournoyer, Wilson went to shut off the main water supply but the water didn’t stop.

“We had the City of Mission here and were going around trying to shut off valves but couldn’t get it to stop,” Wilson said. 

With water spilling over into adjoining rooms in the basement, (band room and wrestling rooms), and multiple people trying to get the water shut off, a valve near Mission City Creek eventually proved to be the one that got the water stopped.

With the Todd County vs. St. Francis basketball games (6 of them) scheduled for Saturday, and all locker rooms flooded with standing water in them, TC Athletic Director, Chuck Wilson made the call late Friday morning that the games would have to be rescheduled.

“If we could have gotten the water stopped before noon, I think we could have pulled it off,” Wilson said. 

The girls game between Todd County and St. Francis was rescheduled to Thursday, Jan. 19 in Mission.

The boys game will be played on Thursday, Feb. 9, also in Mission.

Cleanup crews were still working Monday morning with fans running, mops mopping and pieces of the weight room floor aerating outside the weight-room. 

All of the standing water had been cleaned up by Monday morning but there were still several areas of concern: wrestling mats/room, band room and both locker rooms.

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