Request for Proposal: SWA 20-05 35th Annual All-West Native American Basketball Classic

Request For Proposal

SWA 20-05

35th Annual All-West

Native American Basketball Classic

The Sicangu Wicoti Awayankapi (SWA) Corporation Employee Association is seeking proposal(s) from any Coaches/Teams interested in attending the Native American All-West Classic April 3 through 5, 2020 at the Gold Crown Field House in Lakewood, Colorado.

We are requesting teams to raise funds to assist with the cost of sponsoring your team this year and provide a budget with matching funds in your proposal.

Participation in the tournament is limited to youth boys or girls teams who are not over 19 years of age, who are currently enrolled in high school or have completed their senior year in 2020 and who are either an enrolled Member of an Indian Tribe or have parent(s) who are enrolled member of an Indian Tribe. All teams, coaches and supporters will need to provide their own transportation, food and lodging expenses to and from Lakewood, Colorado.

Each team must be supervised and coached by at least three responsible adults aged 21 years or older who will be under the auspices of the tribal government and endorsed by the local housing authority/TDHE where appropriate. Participants are to be on outstanding behavior while representing the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the SWA Corporation.

Written Proposals must be turned into the SWA Employee Association c/o SWA Corporation, P.O. Box 69, Rosebud SD 57570 or call Dena Rattling Leaf or Kris Wooden Knife at (605) 747-2203. Clearly mark envelope: “SWA 19-05 All-West Basketball”. Closing date to submit a proposal is March 27, 2020 at 12:00 p.m (CST).

The SWA Corporation is not responsible or liable for any accidents or thefts. Waiver of liability is attached with All West registration form

Upon selection, Coaches and team(s) will be responsible and accountable to provide all receipts, and pictures with a narrative to be submitted to the SWA Corporation Employee Association within one week of returning from the Native American All-West Tournament.

Published three times at the total approximate cost of $75.18

Published: March 11, 18, and 25, 2020

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