Proceedings: TC Commissioners 2-5-20


Todd County, South Dakota

February 5, 2020

The meeting of the Todd County Commissioners was called to order by the Chairman in the Commissioner Room at the County Building at Mission on February 5, 2020 at 10:05 a.m. Roll call showed Board members Gregg Grimshaw, Patsy Valandra, David Assman, Howard Heinert and Marshal Tinant. Also present was Auditor Barbara DeSersa and Kara Walkling, Emergency Manager.

Tinant made the motion, seconded by Valandra, to approve the agenda with the addition of Kara Walkling, Emergency Manager and Wesley Sudbeck, Deputy Sheriff.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

No conflict of interest reported.

No one appeared for Public Comment.

Tinant made the motion, seconded by Assman, that the minutes of the meeting held on January 22, 2020 be approved as read.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

Kara Walkling, Emergency Manager, entered the meeting to discuss the status of the large culvert washout on Str. No. 61-363-080 located on 285th Street. Mrs. Walkling had received an agreement from Brosz engineering to do the initial assessment of the work to be done. The commissioners reviewed the agreement and decided to wait until the next meeting when they would have a better idea of the total cost of the project before entering into the agreement.

Lisa Whitley, Southern Plains, wanted to tell the Commissioners about the SAMHSA Grant money they receive. They have a local office in Mission on main street. They have reached out to those individuals in distress from the flooding for crisis counseling. They are now looking into Communities and wanted everyone to be aware of their resources.

At 10:25 a.m. Valandra made the motion, seconded by Assman, to enter into Executive session to discuss a personnel issue pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (1).

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

At 10:40 a.m. Valandra made the motion, seconded by Tinant, to return to regular session.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

Wesley Sudbeck, Deputy Sheriff, came to the meeting to discuss the Durango and part-time help.

Valandra made the motion, seconded by Assman, to adopt the following:

RESOLUTON (11-2020):

Be it Resolved by the Todd County Board of Commissioners to hereby declare the following personal property (Sheriff and Highway) as surplus property for sale or disposal:

Sheriff Inventory for Disposal:

Inventory # Title

1357: paper punch obsolete

1306.7: Gateway Solo Laptop 2001 doesn’t work

1305.2: Gateway VX700 computer doesn’t work

1400: Hon office chair 2004 broke

1408: Brother 8220 Fax Machine 2007 doesn’t work

1304.4: Strobe in basement old broken

1304.7: Strobe in basement old broken $114.99 each x 2

1312: Light bar in basement old

1308.8: Dash miser lights 2002 old don’t work $239.99 each x 2

1308.3: Dash king light in basement old don’t work

1307.2: 3-way booster startac flip phone old 2001

1305.8: siren old 2000

1305.6: cell phone old 2000

1405: Motorola bag phone old

1395: Minolta camera old obsolete

1309.5: RCA video camera 2002 old 

1377: Camera uses floppy disk old

1402: Kodak camera 2004 COPS grant money

1309.8: Martrac radio 2002 doesn’t work

1310.1: Astro Digital radio old Durango doesn’t work

1306.2: Martrac VHF radio 2002 doesn’t work

1401: handheld scanner 2004 obsolete

1373: M3 spotlight couldn’t find

1381: Shotgun Barry Bailey sold at auction 2019

1347: Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol Barry Bailey sold at auction 2019

1307.8: Adaptor compressor not found

1416: Halo Ballistic vest manufactured 2009 deemed outdated

1419: Olympus camera lost

1420: Digital Video System grant money no longer works

1431: HP Office Jet 6600 inkjet printer Sheriff’s 2013 stopped working

1432: HP Office Jet 6600 inkjet printer secretary’s 2013 stopped working

1328: 2 drawer file cabinet black 

Body Armor & Echo carrier deemed unsafe over 5 yrs. old

Sheriff’s key safe no value on inventory

Getac Laptop Em. Mgmt. no cost SNR9439P0087 couldn’t find

1394: Mazon SP300 portable radios x 2 Em Mgmt. Kara Walkling took

1396: EF Johnson 5300 Digital radios x 2 Em Mgmt. Kara Walkling took 

Body Armor bullet proof vest deputy SN1815177 couldn’t find

1414: Motorola XTL part grant in attic Hwy shop SN585CJX1703

Highway Inventory for Disposal:

OE2012: HP Printer Office Jet 6600 CN25P240XQ doesn’t work

Date at Mission, South Dakota on this 5th day of February, 2020.

Roll call: Ayes: Grimshaw, Valandra, Assman, Heinert and Tinant. Nays: None. Resolution adopted.

The Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer was presented for the approval of the Board as follows:

To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners Todd County:

I hereby submit the following report of my examination of the cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer of this County as of January 31, 2020:

Total amount of deposits in banks $1,869,286.08

Total amount of actual cash 2,145.87

Total amount of checks and drafts in Treasurer’s possession not exceeding three days 268,377.63

Itemized list of all items, checks and drafts which have been in the Treasurer’s possession over three days

John Traversie 97.45; Andrea Iron Heart 102.50; Credit Card 3,241.92; Postage, Freight, Exp. 640.00 Co. License & Title; TOTAL $2,143,891.45

Dated this 3rd day of February, 2020.

Terri Fisher,

Deputy County Auditor Todd Co.

Assman made the motion, seconded by Heinert, that the Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer be approved as presented.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

The Register of Deed’s Statement of Fees Collected during the Month of January, 2020 showed $1,634.00.

Tinant made the motion, seconded by Heinert, that the claims be approved as follows:

Payroll: Commissioners: $3,600.00; Auditor’s: $2,731.33; Treasurer’s: $2,651.33; Courthouse: $270.60; Assessor’s: $2,121.33; Register Of Deeds’: $2,121.33; Veteran’s Service: $1,503.78; Sheriff’s Office: $6,811.37; Road & Bridge: $15,582.30; Emergency Management: $1,366.94; General Deductions: Accounts Management, Wage Garnishment, $100.00; Advanced Asset Alliance, Wage Garnishment, $100.00; Aflac, Jan Contribution, $558.04; Division Of Child Support; Child Support; $1,222.16; Nebraska Child Support, Child Support, $1,056.94; Various Deductions: First Fidelity Bank, Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $13,275.60; SD Retirement System, Contribution, $5,272.96.

Commissioners: David Assman, Jan Meeting Mileage, $11.76; Golden West, Phone Svc, $56.44; Howard Heinert, Jan Meeting Mileage, $45.36; Office Products Center, Serv Cont, $35.00; Marshal Tinant, Jan Meeting Mileage, $47.04; Patsy Valandra, Jan Meeting Mileage, $33.60; Auditor: Barb Desersa, Jan Meeting/Annual Report Wkshp Mileage, $126.00; Terri Fisher, Meal Reimb, $7.00; Treasurer: Todd County Treasurer, Postage, $585.00; County Building Maint: Cherry-Todd Electric, Utilities, $491.83; City Of Mission, Utilities, $25.00; Golden West, Phone Svc, $121.93; Director Of Equalization: Planning & Development, GIS Pmt 1/3, $6,666.00; Todd County Treasurer, Postage, $55.00; Veterans Service: Dataspec, 2020 Membership, $449.00; Golden West, Phone Svc, $64.86; Office Products Center, Supplies, $190.46; Insurance-Work Comp: SDPAA, 2020 Coverage, $21,955.09; Sheriff: Property Management, Laptops/Supplies, $200.00; Avera McGreevy Clinic, Sheriff Physical, $163.80; Galls, Supplies, $235.05; Golden West, Phone Svc, $222.91; Harry K Ford, Repairs, $2,352.58; Lynn Peavy Co, Supplies, $62.70; Mcleods, Supplies, $93.22; Office Products Center, Supplies, $465.67; Schubauer Tire, Repairs/Tires, $800.00; Streichers, Supplies, $29.59; Voyager, Fuel, $489.01; Wesley Sudbeck, Cell Phone Reimb, $144.97; Developmentally Disabled: State Treasurer, Pt Care-Redfield, $120.00; Mental Illness: Den Herder Law, Mi Hearing, $147.10; Lincoln Co Treasurer, Mi Reimb, $666.30; Tripp County Treasurer, Mi Transcript Reimb, $30.00; Fairgrounds: Cherry-Todd Electric, Utilities, $280.53; Road & Bridge: Flat Creek Construction, Gravel Hauling, $1,300.00; Assman Implement, Repairs, $434.57; Cherry-Todd Electric, Utilities, $463.14; City Of Mission, Utilities, $25.00; DMC Wear Parts, Supplies, $9,955.60; Golden West, Phone Svc, $177.20; John Deere Financial, Repairs, $60.00; Kimball Midwest, Supplies, $191.70; Lawson Products, Supplies, $41.60; Metropolitan Compound, Supplies, $107.19; Runnings, Supplies, $281.59; RDO, Repairs, $1,725.11; Servall, Supplies, $73.32; SDACHS, 2020 Short Course Reg, $100.00; Turtle Creek Crossing, Supplies, $83.62; Verizon, Cell Svc, $183.78; Winner Welding, Repairs, $17.80; Emergency Management: Society Of Indian Missions, Hazmat Spill Kits, $378.00; Non-Departmental: SDACO, Jan Collections, $34.00

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

Ron Valandra, VSO, joined the meeting to ask about his annual leave from the time he was full-time to part-time. The Auditor will check into it.

At 12:02 p.m. Valandra made the motion to adjourn until February 19, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., seconded by Heinert.

Roll call: All ayes. Meeting adjourned.

Chairman, Gregg Grimshaw


County Auditor

Published once at the total approximate cost of $115.92

Published: February 19, 2020

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