Proceedings: TCSD 1-27-20


Todd County School District

Mission, South Dakota

The January 27, 2020 regular meeting of the Todd County School District Board of Education was held in the Curriculum Center of the Administration Building.

Board President Debra Boyd called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. All motions carried unanimously, unless otherwise stated.

MEMBERS PRESENT: President Debra Boyd, Vice President Linda Bordeaux, Member Shelly Means, Member Timothy Cournoyer, Member Michelle Allen. 

ADMINISTRATORS PRESENT: Superintendent Carol Galbraith, Business Manager Chad Blotsky, Public Relations Coordinator Phyllis Littau, TCMS Principal Dana Hukaas.

OTHER STAFF PRESENT: Betty Sokol, Yancy Gunhammer, Ira High Pipe.

OTHERS PRESENT: Sandi Wright, Johnna Big Crow, Christine High Pipe.

Motion by Means, second by Allen to adopt the regular agenda with additions.

Middle School Principal Dana Haukaas reported on school activiies.

Carol Galbraith gave the Superintendent’s report on he Accreditation Review. 

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Means to approve a donation request from Amia Roach-Valandra to attend the 2020 Ambassador Leadership Summit at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA June 25-July 1, 2020 in the amount of $1,000.00.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Cournoyer to approve the Consent Agenda, as submitted:

A. Approve minutes of 

1. January 13th regular meeting

2. January 16th student hearing meeting 

3. January 22nd work meeting.

B. Pay bills for January: 

GENERAL FUND: Accent Florals By KC, $93.99; Ace Hardware, $3,508.07; Ban-Koe Systems Inc, $360.00; Chad Blotsky, $457.64; Bob Boyd Jr, $1,500.00; Matthew Burger, $250.00; Cenex Harvest States, $5,014.39; Cenex Zip Trip, $105.31; Corky’s Auto Supply, $3,512.10; Country Inn & Suites, $652.62; Dakota Potters Supply LLC, $222.60; Josh Dean, $1,400.00; Destination Imagination Inc, $660.00; Heidi Doyle, $270.54; Amy Engel, $120.87; G F Buche Company, $2,167.10; Matthew Gottlob, $423.04; Gus Stop, $1,939.61; Austin Hammer, $55.00; Harry K Auto Parts-Mission, $2,939.96; Harry K NAPA-Winner, $168.96; Teana Heinert Guerue, $215.85; Kellan Herman, $1,000.00; Holiday Inn & Suites, $1,845.48; Insurance Center, $80.00; Romey Janis, $125.00; Michael Jansen, $79.73; Tatiye Jensen, $25.00; Natalie Johner, $253.00; Jostens Inc, $1,376.97; LaCreek Electric Associate Inc, $2,842.20; Bret LaCroix, $269.32; Lori Leese, $550.00; John Long, $125.00; Lyman Wrestling Club, $200.00; Priscilla Marshall, $170.10; Alec Morgan, $125.00; Christopher Mosner, $21.29; Office Products Center, $499.99; Robert Palmer, $213.20; Melanie Picklesimer, $63.88; Prairie Pest Control Inc, 2,305.00; Provencial Towing, $273.00; Jason Reinders, $50.00; Daniel Rush, $343.24; Sandhill Oil Company Inc, $79,963.39; Sanford Health Center, $96.00; Schoenfish & Company Inc, $16,900.00; Subway, $124.04; TCHS Concessions, $179.50; Tripp County Sheriff’s Office, $50.00; U S Postal Service, $220.00; Doyle Valandra, $404.04; Phyllis White Shield, $7.50; Wickett Construction LLC, $171.16; Charles Wilson, $162.33; IMPREST FUND: Brandon Traverise, $322.80; Kenneth Hespe, $198.00; Wayne Frederick, $209.20; Gabriel Red Kettle, $100.00; Cyrus G Stone, $100.00; Rosebud Brushbreaker, $750.00; TOTAL GENERAL FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR JANUARY 27, 2020: $138,832.01.

NATIVE AMERICAN GRANTS-STATE OF SD: Mathematize Inc, $3,100.00; IMPREST FUND: Richard Moves Camp, $200.00; Lynette White Hat, $156.60; TOTAL NATIVE AMERICAN GRANTS-STATE OF SD WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR JANUARY 27, 2020: $3,456.60.

JOHNSON O’MALLEY: Deborah Birch, $144.87; Brian Brown, $100.00; Cenex Zip Trip, $365.12; Double M Studios, $100.00; G F Buche Company, $811.00; Gregory Grey Cloud, $100.00; Gus Stop, $3,341.52; Tammy Hogan, $51.94; Elizabeth Schubauer, $75.32; IMPREST FUND: Greg Grey Cloud, $330.00; Sams Club, $230.40; TOTAL JOHNSON O’MALLEY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR JANUARY 27, 2020: $5,650.17.

SCHOOL WIDE: G F Buche Company, $21.54; Nell’s Heartstrings, $1,510.00; Public Education/Business Coalition, $1,616.18; Shelby Schmit, $473.34; Raymond Taddeo, $376.07; TOTAL SCHOOL WIDE WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR JANUARY 27, 2020: $3,997.13.

SPECIAL EDUCATION: G F Buche Company, $256.73; Gus Stop, $224.17; Harry K Auto Parts-Mission, $67.99; Holiday Inn & Suites, $283.92; Innovative Office Solutions, $492.70; Lifescape, $7,548.32; Plankinton School District 1-1, $2,769.89; IMPREST FUND: Undisclosed Recipient, $151.20; TOTAL SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR JANUARY 27, 2020: $11,794.92.

FOOD SERVICE FUND: Ace Hardware, $95.88; Henderson’s IGA Inc, $252.96; Reinhart Foodservice, $41,403.53; Summit Companies, $1,764.00; US Foodservice Inc, $2,841.93; TOTAL FOOD SERVICE FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR JANUARY 27, 2020: $46,358.30.

TRUST & AGENCY: Expenditures - $6,061.21; TOTAL TRUST & AGENCY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR JANUARY 27, 2020: $6,061.21. 

C. Approve fuel quotes for January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020: 

Sandhill Country Sicangu 

Oil Company Pride Propane

Bulk Bulk

#1 Fuel Oil Dyed $2.348 Declined to bid

#2 Fuel Oil Dyed $2.12

Propane $0.9990 $1.19

Unleaded Gasoline 87 

Octane Clear $2.3000

#1 Diesel Clear Hwy $2.6280

#2 Diesel Clear Hwy $2.4030

Recommendation to use Sandhill Oil Company for all available quotes.

D. Offer the following supplemental contracts:

1. Jayd Knodell, Boys Basketball Assistant, TCES, $1,215.00.

2. Melissa Johnson, Cheerleader Advisor, TCES, $945.00.

3. Melissa Johnson, Dance Advisor, TCES, $945.00.

E. Approve support staff recommendations:


1. Dusty Old Lodge, Paraprofessional, TCES.


1. Colin Muggins, Custodian, TCHS, $10.75 + $225 night differential, 111 days prorate.

F. Approve the following substitutes/volunteers:

1. Vernon White Buffalo- Suburban Driver, Custodian, Security Guard.

2. Lonnie Two Eagle-Custodian, Security Guard.

3. Taylor Redhawk-Teacher/Aide.

4. Jason Good Shield- Suburban Driver, Custodian, Food Service, Security Guard.

5. Amber Walker-Teacher/Aide, Custodian, Food Service.

6. Michael Little Thunder-Teacher/Aide.

7. Jesus Duran-Teacher/Aide, Custodian, Maintenance, Food Service, Library Aide, Secretary, Security Guard.

8. Maggie Little Thunder-Teacher/Aide, Suburban Driver.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Allen and carried to approve the 2020-2021 school calendar as submitted.

Motion by Means second by Allen and carried to enter into executive session for student and parent under SDCL 1-25-2, at 6:05 p.m. 

President reconvened the regular meeting at 7:04 p.m.

Motion by Cournoyer, second by Bordeaux to hire as a substitute pending final completion of employment requirements. Passed with a vote of 4-0-1, with Means abstaining.

Courtney Waln, 12 month Maintenance/Bus Driver at Bus Shop, hours prorated, $10.75/$16.50 hr., pending results of drug test and criminal background investigation.


Regular board meeting – Monday, February 10, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. at Curriculum Center.

NAFIS Spring Conference – March 14, 2020 in Washington, DC.

NSBA Conference – April 4-6, 2020 in Chicago, IL

Adjournment of the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Debra Boyd, President.

Chad Blotsky, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $98.91

Published: February 19, 2020

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