TCSD Request for Proposals: Construction Manager at Risk

Request for Proposals

Todd County School District 66-1

Construction Manager at Risk

The Todd County School District 66-1 is seeking a Construction Manager at Risk to provide construction management services for a new K-8 building located in Parmelee, SD. The District is proposing to engage the services of one selected party as a Construction Manager at Risk pursuant to the provisions of SDCL Chapter 5-18.

The A/E team for the new elementary school has already been selected and the design work has begun. The A/E team for the project is Upper Deck Inc., Rapid City, South Dakota.

One Construction Manager at Risk shall be selected.

For the purpose of this Request for Proposal, the term, “construction manager at risk”, means any construction manager assumes the risk for construction, or repair of a public improvement, and provides construction management services to the public corporation. The Construction Manager at Risk shall directly contract with the subcontractors and suppliers for the project.

In the role of Construction Manager at Risk, the successful applicant would fulfill the following requirements, pursuant to SDCL 5-18B-40.

(1) Services provided in the planning and design phases of a public improvement project including the following:

(a) Consulting with, advising, assisting, and making recommendations to the public corporation and architect or engineer on all aspects of planning for project construction;

(b) Reviewing all plans and specifications as they are being developed and making recommendations with respect to construction feasibility, availability of material and labor, time requirements for procurement and construction, and projected costs;

(c) Making, reviewing, and refining budget estimates based on the public corporation’s program and other available information;

(d) Making recommendations to the public corporation and the architect or engineer regarding the division of work in the plans and specifications to facilitate bidding and awarding of contracts;

(e) Soliciting the interest of capable contractors and assisting the public corporation in taking bids on the project;

(f) Analyzing the bids received and awarding contracts; and

(g) Preparing and monitoring a progress schedule during the design phase of the project and preparation of a proposed construction schedule; and

(2) Services provided in the construction phase of the public improvement project including the following:

(a) Maintaining competent supervisory staff to coordinate and provide general direction of the work and progress of the contractors on the project;

(b) Observing the work as it is being performed for general conformance with working drawings and specifications;

(c) Establishing procedures for coordinating among the public corporation, architect or engineer, contractors, and construction manager with respect to all aspects of the project and implementing labor policy in conformance with the requirements of the public corporation’s policy and making recommendations;

(d) Reviewing and processing all applications for payment by involved contractors and material suppliers in accordance with the terms of the contract;

(e) Making recommendations for and processing requests for changes in the work and maintaining records of change orders;

(f) Scheduling and conducting job meetings to ensure orderly progress of the work;

(g) Developing and monitoring a project progress schedule, coordinating and expediting the work of all contractors, and providing periodic status reports to the owner and the architect and engineer; and

(h) Establishing and maintaining a cost control system and conducting meetings to review costs.

Any request for proposal shall also contain the following minimum information:

• Experience as a Construction Manager at Risk

• Experience in school and educational projects including, specifically, projects involving K-12 school construction management and project completion.

• Personnel to be directly involved in the project and their responsibility and expertise.

• Proposed schedule to complete the review and evaluation of concept design, bidding schedules, construction and substantial completion.

• Identify the means on how the design/construction cost will be calculated and controlled.

• Unique qualification to undertake this project

• Acknowledgment that the Construction Manager at Risk assumes the risk for construction of the new elementary building, including any alternative option.

• References

• Cost outline

The Todd County School Board shall evaluate all proposals submitted using the following criteria based upon information submitted by the applicant:

• Specialized expertise, capabilities, and technical competence as demonstrated by the proposed approach and methodology to meet the project requirements (15 points)

• Resources available to perform the work, including any specialized services, within the specified time limits for the project (20 points)

• Record of past performance, including price and cost data from previous projects, quality of work, ability to meet schedules, cost control, and contract administration. (20 points)

• Availability to the project locale (10 points)

• Familiarity with the project locale (5 points)

• Proposed project management techniques (15 points)

• Ability and proven history in handling special project constraints (10 points)

• References (5 points)

The selected firm must have an understanding of, and a willingness to comply with RST’s TECRO Law and Regulations.

After obtaining and evaluating proposals, the District may accept the proposal it considers the most advantageous to the District. The District shall reserve the right to reject any or all proposals submitted.

Interested parties should submit six (6) bound copies of their proposals to the Todd County School District, PO Box 87, Mission, South Dakota 57555: Attention: Chad Blotsky. Proposals shall be bound and address each of the components to be evaluated. Proposals shall be submitted not later than 5 p.m. on February 21, 2020.

The District agrees that the information submitted will not be shared or transmitted and will remain the proprietary information of the firm making the proposal.

Questions can be addressed to Chad Blotsky, Business Manager at 605-856-3501. Visitation of the site can be made by appointment by contacting Chad Blotsky, Business Manager for the Todd County School District at 605-856-3501.

Chad Blotsky

Business Manager

Todd County School District

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Published: February 12, 19, 2020

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