Proceedings: City of Mission 11-6-19




November 6, 2019

The Mission City Council met in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on November 6, 2019 at the Mission City Office. Members present were: Mayor Herman and Council Members Story, Marshall, Littau, Guerue and Brave. 

Others Present: Chad Chauncey, Barry Bailey, and Sharlie Colombe.

Motion by Story, seconded by Brave to approve the agenda as submitted. (All other motions are unanimous unless otherwise stated). 

Motion by Littau, seconded by Guerue to approve the minutes of October 9, 2019.

Motion by Brave, seconded by Story to approve payment of bills. 

PAYROLL: Finance: $1,630.33; Police: $8,232.42; Maintenance: $4,307.22; Water: $4,891.57; Sewer: $2,531.00; Mayor & Council: $755.14

BILLS: Supplies: Aflac- $502.26; Cenex Zip Trip- $98.57; Elliott Equipment- $2,094.31; Kevin Decory- $152.85; Petty Cash- $62.25; SD Federal Property- $40.25; Time Equipment- $399.00; Wells Fargo- $1,596.89 Services: Cherry Todd Electric- $7,527.38; Dept. of Revenue- $43.00; Golden West- $476.41; Great Plains Surveying- $700.00; Health Pool of SD- $5,153.47; Heather Petersen- $531.14; Marco, Inc- $535.00; Midwest Radar- $80.00; Outlaw Septic- $900.00; South Dakota Retirement- 2,998.21;Todd County Tribune- $197.53; Winner Advocate- $44.00 MVFD: Cenex Zip Trip- $48.77; Emergency Reporting- $1,540.00; Golden West- $204.67

Chad Chauncey addressed the council concerning numerous burglaries at his property. No motions were made.

Motion by Story, seconded by Littau to enter into executive session according to SDCL 1-25-2 (1) to discuss personnel. 

Motion by Story, seconded by Littau to return to regular session. 

The council discussed nuisance properties around town that are creating hazards. The current nuisance ordinance will be reviewed by the City’s attorney before proceeding. 

The Council also addressed having a snow removal ordinance drafted, different ideas were expressed. An ordinance will be presented to Council at a later meeting.

Motion by Littau, seconded Brave to approve and adopt Resolution 2019-06 is as follows

Entitled “Resolution no. 2019-06 “Transferring from Contingency Fund to Various Departments to Cover Year End Deficits”

WHEREAS, there is a need for additional funds of $25,000.00 to be transferred to the following categories for the 2019 budget.

Maintenance Department, $25,000.00

AND WHEREAS, the Contingency Fund is set up by law to cover such needs.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the above amounts be transferred to the departments and accounts as stated.

Dated this 6th day of November, 2019.

APPROVED: Harvey Herman Sr., Mayor

ATTEST: Heather Petersen, Finance Officer

There was discussion on rate sewer increases for 2020. No motions were made.

Motion by Brave, seconded by Story to adjourn at 6:40 p.m. 


Harvey Herman Sr, Mayor


Heather Petersen, Finance Officer 

Published once at the total approximate cost of $40.95

Published: November 20, 2019

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