Proceedings: TC Commissioners 8-21-19


Todd County, South Dakota

August 21, 2019

The meeting of the Todd County Commissioners was called to order by the Chairman in the Commissioner Room at the County Building at Mission on August 21, 2019 at 10:04 a.m. Roll call showed Board members Gregg Grimshaw, Patsy Valandra, David Assman, Howard Heinert and Marshal Tinant. Also present was Auditor Barbara DeSersa and Bill Adrian and Dwight Logterman, land owners.

Bill Adrian, land owner, came to the meeting to discuss a culvert that needs dug out and re set 5 miles N of Parmelee on Upper Cut Meat Creek. Mr. Adrian would like to see an area of road re-built, as it won’t hold the truck traffic. The Commissioners informed Mr. Adrian that this area was submitted as part of the FEMA application and that work was planned to repair this culvert. 

Gregory Jackson, taxpayer, joined the meeting. Mr. Jackson has a new house in the Lakeview area and would like a road built in the county right of way leading to it. Mr. Jackson is willing to maintain it after it is built. The Commissioners indicated that they would need to further discuss the matter.

Mr. Jackson left the meeting.

Barry Bailey, Acting Sheriff, and Joe Moore came to the meeting to discuss the vacant Sheriff’s position. Mr. Moore has shown interest in the position. The Commissioners told Mr. Moore to go through the process and fill out an application and Mr. Bailey will have a back-ground check done. 

Dwight Logterman started giving the Commissioners calculations as to the amount of work the Highway Employees could perform each week. The Commissioners called Hugh Storms, Highway Superintendent, over to hear what Mr. Logterman had to say. 

Hugh Storms, Highway Superintendent, entered the meeting Mr. Logterman gave Mr. Storms some calculations as to how long it should take to maintain the roads in Todd County based on the number of available blades, and average mph traveled by each one. There are 497 miles in the County to maintain and it his feeling that every road in the county could be bladed every three weeks in the summer. Mr. Logterman left the meeting.

Mr. Storms gave his report. Mr. Storms discussed the disaster areas that were approved by FEMA. 

Mr. Tinant inquired as to why the employees don’t blade the roads properly. Mr. Storms indicated that he has told them/trained them on the proper way to do it. All agreed that the results of that are not being seen. Mr. Tinant suggested that rather than sending one blade to each part of the county, making it impossible for Mr. Storms to monitor each blade’s progress, that he should send all five blades to one area, grade all the roads there and then move to a new area of the county. This way Mr. Storms will be able to monitor all five blade operators at once. 

Tinant made the motion, seconded by Valandra, to approve the purchase of the GIS Website to be designed by District III, in the amount of $40,000 with TLE paying half of the fee.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

Tinant made the motion, seconded by Valandra, to authorize the necessary expenses for Barbara DeSersa, Auditor, Marla Liggett, Treasurer and Louise Flisram, Register of Deeds, to attend the SDACO Convention in Pierre, SD on September 16 and 17, 2019, with Tripp County paying for half of mileage and meals.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

Discussion was held on the Provisional Budget for 2020. The commissioners reviewed each line item of the 2020 and adjusted when necessary. The Provisional Budget Hearing is September 3rd, 2019, at 11:00 a.m.

Assman made the motion, seconded by Heinert, that the minutes of the meeting held on August 7, 2019 be approved as read.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

Tinant made the motion, seconded by Assman, that the claims be approved as follows:

Payroll: Courthouse: $131.36; Veteran’s Office: $1,258.40; Sheriff’s Office: $1,587.52; Road & Bridge: $15,201.81; Emergency Management: $663.56; General Deductions: Accounts Management, Wage Garnishment, $50.00; AAA, Wage Garnishment, $50.00; Medova Healthcare, Health Insurance, $2,216.67; Nebraska Child Support, Child Support, $528.47; Various Deductions: Aflac, August Bill, $218.66; First Fidelity Bank, Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $4,261.82; SD Retirement System, Contribution, $2,165.56.

Commissioners: SDACO, 2019 Convention Reg, $185.00 Auditor: Barb Desersa, Supplies Reimb, $25.56; SDACO, 2019 Convention Reg, $92.50; Treasurer: SDACO, 2019 Convention Reg, $92.50; Court Appointed Atty: Amy Bartling, CAA Fees, $2,844.90; Jensen And Massa, CAA Fees, $1,520.00; Sandy Steffen, CAA Fees, $953.30; Register Of Deeds: SDACO, 2019 Convention Reg, $92.50; Veterans Services: Office Products Center, Printer/Supplies, $302.37; Sheriff: AT&T, Cell Svc, $173.08; Cenex Fleet Fueling, Fuel, $41.17; Schubauer Tire, Supplies, $57.94; Jail: SD Dept Of Health, UA’s, $50.00; Winner Regional, Clinic Visit, $76.00; Winner Police Dept, Prisoner Care, $2,839.40; Mental Illness: Audra Hill Consulting, Qmhp Evals, $768.33; Haakon County, Mi Reimb, $230.50; Lewis & Clark, Bmi Intake, $356.00; Lacroix Law, Mi Expense, $187.50; Minnehaha County Aud, Mi Expense, $8.00; Yankton County Treasurer, Mi Expense, $120.00; Fairgrounds: Callisa Baker, Janitorial Svc, $400.00; Mission Lumber, Supplies, $760.30; Road & Bridge: Cenex Fleet Fueling, Fuel, $682.46; Harry K Auto, Repairs/Supplies, $819.73; Hoefs Skidloader, Dirt Work, $1,595.00; John Deere Financial, Repairs, $611.68; Ty Tinant, Road/Dirt Work, $975.00; Kucera Electric, Supplies, $222.02; Mathis Equip, Repair, $34.85; Turtle Creek, Supplies, $46.24.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

At 12:25 p.m. Tinant made the motion to adjourn until September 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., seconded by Assman.

Roll call: All ayes. Meeting adjourned.

Chairman, Gregg Grimshaw


County Auditor

Published once at the total approximate cost of $68.04

Published: September 11, 2019

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