Proceedings; TCSD 5-29-19


Todd County School District

Mission, South Dakota

The May 29, 2019 regular meeting of the Todd County School District Board of Education was held in the Curriculum Center of the Administration Building.

Board President Sandra K Dillon called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. All motions carried unanimously, unless otherwise stated.

MEMBERS PRESENT: President Sandra K Dillon, Vice President Debra Boyd (arrived at 5:30 p.m.) Member Linda Bordeaux, Member Michelle Allen.

ADMINISTRATORS PRESENT: Interim Superintendent Dr Richard Bordeaux, Business Manager Chad Blotsky, Exceptional Education Director Carol Galbraith.

TCSD STAFF PRESENT: Tess Canet, Yancy Gunhammer, Rhonda Stoecklin.

OTHERS PRESENT: Sandi Wright, Stephanie Night Pipe.

Motion by Allen, second by Means to adopt the regular agenda as submitted.

1st Reading of School Board Policies, Section J Students (2nd half) was held.

2nd Reading of School Board Policies, Section J Students (1st half), was held.

Motion by Means, second by Bordeaux to approve a donation request from Shanelle Lone Dog to participate in the 2019 Indian University of North America Summer Program at the Crazy Horse Memorial, June 7-August 1, 2019 in the amount of $1,000.00.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Means to approve request to move six para professional positions into three exceptional education certified positions to HeDog School, TC Elementary School and Middle School.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Allen to approve the 2019-2020 TCEA Agreement as submitted.

Motion by Means, second by Allen to approve the 2019-2020 ESP Agreement as submitted.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Means to approve the Consent Agenda, as submitted:

A. May 7 special meeting

May 13 regular meeting

May 20 special meeting.

B. Pay bills for May: 

GENERAL FUND: Ace Hardware, $8,327.88; Thomas Allen-Marshall, $363.06; AT&T Mobility, $2,194.38; AT&T, $97.39; Atco International, $783.75; Rachael Audiss, $67.50; Pat Bad Hand Sr, $250.00; Heather Baker, $127.50; Batteries Plus Bulbs #934, $183.67; Baudville, $1,298.15; Samantha Benge, $52.50; Bennett School District 3-1, $308.15; BJ’s Instrument Repair, $200.00; Marjorie Blare, $250.00; Dr Richard Bordeaux, $9,083.33; Patrick Bordeaux, $1,000.00; Roger Ben Bordeaux, $600.00; Brown Industries Inc, $480.24; Tavis Bordeaux, $2,500.00; Bryan Burnette, $1,600.00; CDW Government, $64.93; Center For Educ/Employment Law, $154.95; Center For The Collaborative Classroom, $6,705.72; Century Link, $214.23; Cherry Todd Electric Coop, $4,290.00; Chief Gall Alternative Education Program, $476.00; Crossroads Hotel/Convention Center, $1,019.90; Dakota Supply Group, $846.71; Dakotah Lodge, $1,030.00; Days Inn, $770.00; Direct Digital Control, $3,007.41; Fairfield Inn & Suites, $324.10; Follett School Solutions Inc, $4,978.30; G F Buche Company, $4,558.72; Carol Galbraith, $186.80; Golden West Companies, $4,407.15; Great Plains Communications, $677.26; Mary Guerue Leading Cloud, $500.00; Harry K Auto Parts-Mission, $5,318.86; Hauff Mid-America Sports, $1,387.00; Heart City Plumbing & Heating, $11,386.79; Harvey Herman, $130.00; Kyle Homan, $189.35; Honors Graduation, $105.76; Horizon Health Care Inc, $213.00; Hutch’s Café, $195.27; Jensen & Massa Attorneys At Law, $1,454.10; Sheri Knox, $575.00; Robert Kornely Jr, $3,100.00; LaCreek Electric Association Inc, $1,771.44; Lakota Water Inc, $576.00; Lori Leese, $200.00; Tyler Left Hand Bull, $45.00; Lyman School District, $50.00; Marco Technologies LLC, $5,629.43; McDonalds, $146.51; MCI, $87.44; Menards-Pierre, $1,860.50; Microtel Rapid City, $288.00; Native Reflections Inc, $69.70; North Central Bus Sales, $270.48; North Central International Inc, $603.96; Office Products Center, $186.96; Overhead Door Company, $1,913.27; Brock Persson, $17.41; Randy Pirner, $168.00; Prairie Pest Control Inc, $644.00; Jennifer Prewitt, $60.00; Provencial Towing, $718.00; Wanda Prue, $300.00; RBP Supply, $2,400.91; Rosebud Building Products Inc, $260.34; Sandhill Oil Company Inc, $52,731.80; Sanford Laboratories, $1,000.00; Barbara Siedschlaw, $191.58; Jane Shelbourn, $84.00; Solid Waste Collection, $5,677.48; Rhonda Stoecklin, $1,790.99; Tara Thoreson, $38.58; Todd County Tribune, $1,305.32; Mni White Lance, $36.12; Phyllis White Shield, $22.50; IMPREST FUND: Leslie Makes Room For Them, $100.00; Gabriel Red Kettle, $100.00; Sid Gonsor, $90.00; Charles Wilson, $250.00; Jenny Schmitz, $500.00; Sanford Pentagon, $135.00; Rosebud Brushbreaker, $242.08; Marjorie Blare, $444.00; Gerald Knox, $362.47; Shaylen Guerue, $264.99; Gabriel Red Kettle, $100.00; Leslie Makes Room For Them, $100.00; Leland Little Dog, $150.00; Leslie Makes Room For Them, $200.00; Chaz Blue Thunder, $150.00; SD Pinners, $1,000.00; Harry Weller, $125.00; Robert Kornely Jr, $450.00; Robert Kornely Jr, $450.00; TOTAL GENERAL FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $174,394.07.

TITLE VI INDIAN EDUCATION: Ace Hardware, $261.49; Pat Bad Hand Sr, $600.00; James Case, $150.00; Sage Fast Dog, $1,650.00; Gabrielle Iron Shell, $2,800.00; Nicodemus Leading Fighter, $400.00; Microtel Rapid City, $1,568.00; Marlys Walkling, $2,300.00; TOTAL TITLE VI INDIAN EDUCATION WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $9,729.49.

NATIVE AMERICAN GRANTS-STATE OF SD: Casandra Artichoker, $750.00; G F Buche Company, $311.13; Alexis Hogan, $200.00; Richard Moves Camp, $300.00; Gabriel Red Kettle, $1,200.00; Ramona Straight, $200.00; Tonemah Consulting Group, $19,000.00; Lynette White Hat, $484.68; IMPREST FUND: Bobbi Bear Heels, $600.00; TOTAL NATIVE AMERICAN GRANTS-STATE OF SD WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $23,045.81.

JOHNSON O’MALLEY: All Seasons Screen Printing, $1,259.25; Brewers Bowling Center, $320.00; Jenny Crakes, $50.00; Dakota Party, $335.28; G F Buche Company, $1,450.05; Michael Hammer, $123.94; Travis High Pipe, $300.00; Alexis Hogan, $1,700.00; HOSA-South Dakota, $1,390.00; Janice Hunts Horse, $300.00; Juls & Jems, $113.50; Kaelee Krege, $76.84; Lakota Tipi Rentals, $1,400.00; M & M Productions, $300.00; Microtel Rapid City, $1,152.00; Gloria Mitchell, $195.00; Pizza Hut, $120.39; Pizza Hut, $448.37; Dakota Walkling, $106.28; IMPREST FUND: Erin Black Feather, $200.00; Samantha Johnson, $297.00; TOTAL JOHNSON O’MALLEY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $11,637.90.

TITLE II, TITLE IV, RLIS: Center For The Collaborative Classroom, $12,000.00; Dick Blick Company, $85.24; Tammy Eichel, $132.00; Lakota TIPI Rentals, $400.00; Lego Education, $1,647.80; Stacee Valandra, $1,400.00; TOTAL TITLE II, TITLE IV, RLIS WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $15,665.04.

SCHOOL WIDE: AKJ Education, $13,296.80; Capstone Classroom, $7,266.80; Center For The Collaborative Classroom, $108.00; Tammy Eichel, $612.00; Melissa LaPointe, $896.00; Jane Shelbourn, $148.00; TOTAL SCHOOL WIDE WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $22,327.60.


SPECIAL EDUCATION: Amsterdam Printing & Litho, $378.00; Children’s Care Hospital & School, $3,850.00; Dakotah Lodge, $94.00; Molly Dent ED S, $7,668.82; Undisclosed Recipient, $453.60; G F Buche Company, $635.77; Undisclosed Recipient, $76.44; Golden West Companies, $492.74; Harry K Auto Parts, $668.88; Undisclosed Recipient, $566.94; SN Psych Associates LLC, $7,800.00; Winner Physical Therapy Inc, $15,500.00; IMPREST FUND: Batiste Provencial, $179.00; Sally Donald, $388.92; SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $38,753.11.

OKREEK SCHOOL ADDITION: CDW Government, $4,926.72; Computer Dealers Inc, $13,896.00; Sharpe Enterprises Inc, $37,530.93; TOTAL OKREEK SCHOOL ADDITION WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $56,353.65.

FOOD SERVICE FUND: Atlas Building Maintenance Inc, $363.48; Central Restaurant Products, $1,520.24; Child/Adult Nutrition Services, $3,911.82; G F Buche Company, $92.89; Heart City Plumbing & Heating, $1,511.55; Julie Jones, $45.00; Stacee Pyner, $184.80; TOTAL FOOD SERVICE FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $7,629.78.

TRUST & AGENCY: Expenditures - $4,057.85; IMPREST FUND: Expenditures - $210.00; TOTAL TRUST & AGENCY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MAY 29, 2019: $4,267.85. 

C. Approve the 2019-2020 preliminary budget as submitted.

D. Approve change order #1 for O’Kreek Elementary School Project.

E. Accept the following certified resignations effective at the end of the 2018-2019 school year:

1. Nick Larsen, Districtwide Elementary Physical Education Teacher, with $500.00 in liquidated damages deducted from final checks.

2. Joseph Rowe, Elementary Teacher at HeDog School, with $500.00 in liquidated damages being waived.

F. Approve the following certified contract enter for the 2019-2020 school year:

1. Cassidy Mahan, Science Teacher at TC High School, $43,500.00 (contingent upon completion of drug test and criminal background investigation).

G. Approve support staff recommendations for the 2018-2019 school year:


1. Theodora Marshall, para professional at Rosebud Elementary for the 2019-2020 school year.


1. Shawn Constanza, para professional at TC Elementary School, effective immediately (verbal).


1. Talisa Fast Horse, para professional at O’Kreek School, due to violation of attendance policy.

Discussion about HeDog School.

Stephanie Night Pipe spoke with concerns regarding the Rodeo Club at TCHS.

Carol Galbraith questioned the accuracy of items on the school-wide plan.

Rhonda Stoecklin requested funding to attend Drama Camp at Vermillion.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Boyd to enter into executive session for personnel under SDCL 1-25-2, at 5:50 p.m. 

The President reconvened the regular meeting at 6:38 p.m.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Allen to accept the resignation of Sage Fast Dog, from NAAG Fellow Grants for the 2019-2020 school year. (Vote 3-0-2 Means and Boyd abstained) 


Regular board meeting – Monday, June 10, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at the Curriculum Center.

Adjournment of the meeting at 6:39 p.m.

Sandra K Dillon, President.

Chad Blotsky, Business Manager.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $124.74

Published: June 19

, 2019

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