Proceedings: TCSD 3-25-19


Todd County School District

Mission, South Dakota

The March 25, 2019 regular meeting of the Todd County School District Board of Education was held in the Curriculum Center of the Administration Building.

Board President Sandra K Dillon called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. All motions carried unanimously, unless otherwise stated.

The Lakota Flag Song was presented by Gabe Red Kettle.

MEMBERS PRESENT: President Sandra K Dillon, Vice President Debra Boyd, Member Linda Bordeaux, Member Michelle Allen.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Member Shelley Means.

ADMINISTRATORS PRESENT: Interim Superintendent Dr Richard Bordeaux, Business Manager Chad Blotsky, Public Relations Coordinator Phyllis Littau, Exceptional Education Director Carol Galbraith.

OTHER TCSD STAFF PRESENT: Tess Canet, Yancy Gunhammer, James Williams, Mary Nylander.


Motion by Boyd, second by Bordeaux to adopt the regular agenda as submitted.

Motion by Boyd, second by Allen to approve a request from the HeDog 8th grade class for permission to travel to Denver for their end of year incentive trip.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Boyd to approve the Consent Agenda, as submitted:

A. Approve minutes of 

1. March 11, 2019 regular meeting

B. Pay bills for March: 

GENERAL FUND: A & B Welding Supply, $28.57; AT&T, $41.20; Ban-Koe Systems Inc, $4,002.00; BJ’s Instrument Repair, $150.00; Marjorie Blare, $3,000.00; David Blue Thunder, $43.44; Bob Boyd Jr, $4,000.00; CDW Government, $16,204.34; Corky’s Auto Supply, $1,677.21; Days Inn, $480.00; Vikki Eagle Bear, $154.13; Sage Fast Dog, $154.13; Golden West Companies, $4,369.14; Haggerty’s Musicworks, $488.80; Hampton Inn & Suites Brookings, $1,346.31; Dana Haukaas, $154.13; Heart City Plumbing & Heating, $19,989.49; Highmore-Harold School District, $60.00; Angela Iron Heart, $2,500.00; Gwenda Jackson, $23.96; LaCreek Electric Association Inc, $5,897.29; Lakota Water Inc, $160.00; Lori Leese, $300.00; Leslie Makes Room For Them, $357.84; Marco Technologies LLC, $368.88; Markerboard People, $1,509.30; Menards-Pierre, $1,182.75; Orlando Morrison, $106.96; NASSP/NHS, $333.75; Northwest Pipe Fittings, $23.10; Office Products Center, $1,938.95; Katie Petry, $15.00; Pine Ridge High School, $3,147.00; Randy Pirner, $292.02; Pitney Bowes, $216.00; Prairie Pest Control Inc, $1,240.00; Provencial Towing, $2,306.00; School Specialty Inc, ($114.74); SD Department of Public Safety, $480.00; Solid Waste Collection, $6,022.72; Todd County Tribune, $991.21; UPS, $95.33; USA Today, $61.50; Valentine Office Supply, $711.45; Verizon Business, $105.94; Wells Fargo Bank, $5,325.79; Western Dakota Tech Institute, $2,029.86; Phyllis White Shield, $15.00; Charles Wilson, $180.00; TOTAL GENERAL FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $94,165.75.


CARL D PERKINS: Mid-West 3D Solutions LLC, $18,821.00; TOTAL CARL D PERKINS WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $18,821.00.

NATIVE AMERICAN GRANTS-STATE OF SD: Sage Fast Dog, $49.00; Alexis Hogan, $100.00; Daniel Morrison, $300.00; Wells Fargo Bank, $2,607.30; Lynette White Hat, $537.68; TOTAL NATIVE AMERICAN GRANTS-STATE OF SD WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $3,593.98.

JOHNSON O’MALLEY: Heidi Doyle, $744.00; Vikki Eagle Bear, $320.00; Lohr College of Engineering, $300.00; McDonalds, $274.15; Quill Corporation, $265.54; TOTAL JOHNSON O’MALLEY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $1,903.69.

TITLE II, TITLE IV, RLIS: Capstone Classroom, $1,904.36; Tammy Eichel, $272.00; Lakeshore Learning Materials, $1,538.49; TOTAL TITLE II, TITLE IV, RLIS WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $3,714.85.

SCHOOL WIDE: Academic Therapy Publications, $1,342.55; Rosebud Brushbreaker, $144.52; Capstone Classroom, $3,478.03; Center For Responsive Schools, $150.00; Center For The Collaborative Classroom, $14,310.00; Childswork/Childsplay, $114.67; Imagine Learning Inc, $3,000.00; Kristin Iyotte, $144.52; National Autism Resources, $57.17; Wells Fargo Bank, $1,750.00; Zaner-Bloser Education Publication, $4,442.84; TOTAL SCHOOL WIDE WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $28,934.30.

CAPITAL OUTLAY: Heart City Plumbing & Heating, $6,450.00; North Central Bus Sales, $194,398.00; Overhead Door Company, $1,993.69; TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $202,841.69.

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Molly Dent ED S, $7,995.18; Undisclosed Recipient, $389.76; Undisclosed Recipient, $179.74; Undisclosed Recipient, $77.28; Undisclosed Recipient, $262.12; Golden West Companies, $592.33; Undisclosed Recipient, $179.74; Undisclosed Recipient, $179.74; Mitchell School District, $1,040.00; School Specialty Inc, $236.07; Undisclosed Recipient, $449.73; Undisclosed Recipient, $179.74; Valentine Office Supply, $400.06; Wells Fargo Bank, $150.00; Undisclosed Recipient, $47.00; Winner Physical Therapy Inc, $15,500.00; TOTAL SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $27,858.49.


FOOD SERVICE FUND: Child/Adult Nutrition Services, $4,659..00; Earthgrains Baking Company Inc, $1,930.52; Heart City Plumbing & Heating, $4,800.90; US Foodservice Inc, $3,777.65; TOTAL FOOD SERVICE FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $15,168.07.

TRUST & AGENCY: Expenditures - $89.15; TOTAL TRUST & AGENCY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR MARCH 25, 2019: $89.15. 

C. Approve fuel quotes for April 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019:

#1 Fuel Oil Dyed (bulk) – Sandhill Oil Company $2.876

#2 Fuel Oil Dyed (bulk) – Sandhill $2.3450; Country Pride $2.49

Propane (bulk) – Sandhill $0.9990; Country Pride $1.25; Sicangu Propane $1.08

Unleaded Gasoline 87 Octane Clear – Sandhill $2.6170; Country Pride $2.71

#1 Diesel Clear Hwy – Sandhill $3.1560

#2 Diesel Clear Hwy – Sandhill $2.6250; Country Pride $2.78

Recommend to use Sandhill Oil Company for all available quotes.

D. Approve the following professional staff resignation:

1. Donna Winters, Districtwide School Nurse-LPN, effective March 29, 2019.

E. Accept the following certified retirement/resignations effective at the end of the 2018-2019 school year:

1. Vicki Klein, Elementary Teacher at TC Elementary School (retirement)

2. Benjamin Lawrence, Band/Choir Teacher at TC High School (resignation)

3. Kaelee Krege, Science Teacher at TC Middle School (resignation)

4. Joe Olivier, Social Studies Teacher at TC Middle School (resignation)

5. Emily Turner, Exceptional Education Teacher at TC Elementary School (resignation)

6. Tatiye Jensen, Elementary Teacher at Rosebud Elementary (resignation).

F. Approve the following certified contract enters for the 2019-2020 school year:

1. Ashley Johnson, Exceptional Education Teacher at the Resource Center

2. Amanda Long, Elementary Teacher at TC Elementary School.

G. Approve supplemental contract offers to the following for the 2018-2019 school year:

1. Andrea Logterman, Soccer Club Advisor, Rosebud Elementary, $914.00

2. Ben Bordeaux, Head Golf Coach, TC High School, $3,263.00.

H. Approve support staff recommendations for the 2018-2019 school year:

1. Motion by Boyd, second Allen to offer Anthony Bizardie, para professional at TC High School, $13.50 per hour, 49 days. Motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1, with Bordeaux abstaining.


1. Bonnie Davidson, FS Assistant at TC Elementary, effective April 3, 2019.

I. Substitutes:

1. Franklin Chasing Horse: Custodian.

2. Ronnie Sharkey: Teacher/Teacher Aide, Suburban Driver, Custodian, Maintenance, Food Service, and Security Guard.

3. Heide Olson: Summer Maintenance.

4. Rovilyn Neal: Teacher/Teacher Aide.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Allen to adopt the Middle School and High School Social Studies Curriculum as submitted.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Boyd to offer certified contracts for the 2019-2020 school year as submitted:

TCHS: Bryan Adams, Roger Allen, Bryce Aman, Barry Bailey, Bruce Balerud, Harpreet Bhinder, Troy Blake, Marjorie Blare, Robert Boyd, Deana Brodkorb, Jeffrey Brown, Keri Frese, Kellan Herman, Gabrielle Iron Shell, Natalie Johner, Patrick Johner, Peggy Klein, Robert Kornely, Chris Leneaugh, Nathan Niehus, Katie Petry, Lisa Rasmusson, Mary Lu Rich,Becki Ritter, Richard Schmit, Siria Sully, Tara Thoreson, Kimberly Valen, Navil Varela, Gwen Wenig.

TCMS: James Brickman, Tabitha DeVoss, Heidi Doyle, Merrill Feller, Lisa Foley, Anthony Galvin, Jacob Hamilton, Christopher Hartman, Steven Heinert, Krista Horvath, Albert Her Many Horses, Jennifer Kornely, Joshua Larson, Bailie Mills-Burress, Melanie Niehus, Misti Novotny, Brock Persson, Jason Reinders, Jill Stevenson, Rhonda Stoecklin, Janell Stoeger, Raymond Taddeo, Beth Valandra-Burnette, Craig Walters, Allen Wilson.

TCES: Darci Arnold, Nancy Beardt, Teresa Bordeaux, Kalinda Persson, Julie Bunt, Emily Cyr, Meredith Cournoyer, Denise Farley, Brittany Krogman, Kassandra Haag, Sandra Hausmann, Melissa Johnson, Carrie Kornely, Donna Larvie, Karen Leneaugh, Jae Logterman, Kristin Maier, Gloria Mitchell, Kortni Moser, Marcus Nelson, Jill Olson, Melina Orengo, Melanie Picklesimer, Sunset Rosfeld, Shauna Roshone, Jenny Schmitz, Breanna Stroh, Patricia Tinant, Colleen Williams Pettigrew.

ROSEBUD: Deborah Birch, Carmen Black Wolf, Brian Brown, Oyate Burnette, KaylaMae Emery, Carrie Hammer, Tammy Hogan, Tatiye Jensen, Karen Koffskey, Elizabeth Medema, Patricia Naylor-Knox, Heidi Ode, Danielle Powell, Cora Reynolds, Karen Viscuso.

OKREEK: Leslie Crow, Sandra Hespe, Casey Weber.

HEDOG: Lela Biggus, Grace Delaney, June Elk Looks Back, Keiton Guess, Alexis Hogan, Samantha Johnson, Joseph Rowe, Valeria Wicker.

LAKEVIEW: Vicki Furmanek, Kayla Walkling, Dakota Walkling.

KLEIN: Tess Canet, Janen Epke.

LITTLEBURG: Cindy Bachelor, Roka Klein, Ki Kuhre.

SPRING CREEK: Cassie Cichorz, Jenny Crakes, Judith Escuin-Checa, Cindy Homan, Carlos Soto- Quezada.

DISTRICTWIDE: Jodi Birch, Rosebud Brushbreaker, Josh Dean, David Ecker, Kristin Iyotte, Nicholas Larsen, Lacey Lemmert, Colton McCreary, Mary Nylander, Heide Olson, Carrie Reinders, Christine Rhodes, Tammy Russell, Rena Johnson.

RESOURCE CENTER: Melinda Beel, Josie Corliss, Alicia Dickson-Boyd, Sally Donald, Amy Engel, Lori Haukaas, Laura Jewell-Huddleston, Kimberly Kearns, Bobbie Knispel, Ramadevi Koukutla, Julie Letellier, Kristie Lindskov, Steven Lindskov, Raju Madagari, Deborah Markus, Trevor Neal, Candice Reagle, Roseann Ruff, Lori Schmidt, Shellaine Shaw.

TC ACHIEVEMENT: Dean Feller, Erin Black Feather, Richard Langdeaux.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Boyd to offer Roger Allen a certified contract for the 2019-2020 school year as submitted. Motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1, with Allen abstaining.

Motion by Boyd, second by Allen to offer Teresa Bordeaux a certified contract for the 2019-2020 school year as submitted. Motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1, with Bordeaux abstaining.

Motion by Boyd, second by Allen to enter into executive session for personnel under SDCL 1-25-2, at 5:55 p.m. 

President reconvened the regular meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Motion by Bordeaux, second by Boyd to dismiss the grievance against Olivia Dhaliwal.


Regular board meeting – Monday, April 8, 2019 at 5:30 P.M. at Curriculum Center.

NSBA Conference – March 30 – April 1, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA.

Adjournment of the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Sandra K Dillon, President.

Chad Blotsky, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $143.01

Published: April 17, 2019

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