Proceedings: TC Commissioner 11-21-18


Todd County, South Dakota

November 21, 2018

The meeting of the Todd County Commissioners was called to order by the Chairman in the Commissioner Room at the County Building at Mission on November 21, 2018 at 10:04 a.m. Roll call showed Board members Gregg Grimshaw, Patsy Valandra, William Giroux, Alec Whipple and Marshal Tinant. Also present was Auditor Barbara DeSersa and District 26 Senator Troy Heinert.

Senator Troy Heinert came to the meeting to talk about the General Election held on November 6. Mr. Heinert wanted the Commissioners to know about the letters that were sent to the people that registered to vote about the Social Security number was not matching, or no physical address was provided. Mr. Heinert said there isn’t a law stating the physical address is required but understands the Auditor’s office needs to know what Commissioner District to place the voter in. Mr. Heinert said he wasn’t there to complain but to find solutions. He thinks the Commissioners should approve the full 46 days of absentee voting before the elections and have them held at the Tribal building in Rosebud. There are HAVA grants that can be applied for to help with this expense. Mr. Heinert also suggested E-Poll books and that it may be time Todd County had their own Elected Officials such as the Auditor, Register of Deeds, Treasurer and their own Court House. Patsy Valandra explained to Mr. Heinert the voting situation they had at Rosebud when she helped with the absentee voting that day and she was able to help the Deputy Auditor find where these people lived. Marshal Tinant agreed with several points Mr. Heinert made and also reminded him that ultimately, it is the responsibility of the voter to ensure that their registration is correct so that they are able to properly vote in all elections.

Whipple made the motion, seconded by Tinant, that the minutes of the meeting held on November 7, 2018 be approved as read.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

Carl Hunger, Sheriff, came to the meeting to tell the Commissioners he accepted another position and his last day will be December 1, 2018. Mr. Hunger thanked the Commissioners for the opportunity and the Commissioners wished him well. 

Barry Bailey came into the meeting and the Commissioners asked him to be the acting Sheriff until a new one is hired. Mr. Bailey suggested Andrew Red Bear as a Deputy Sheriff to be on call for days Mr. Bailey will be out of town. Tinant made the motion, seconded by Giroux, to appoint Barry Bailey as a temporary Sheriff and to hire Andrew Red Bear as temporary Deputy Sheriff, on call as needed, at $16.50 per hour.

Roll call: Ayes: Grimshaw, Valandra, Giroux, Whipple and Tinant. Nays: None. Motion carried.

Ron Valandra, VSO, came to the meeting to give the Commissioners a report regarding the activities relating to the office of the Veterans Service Officer for Todd County. Mr. Valandra reminded the Commissioners that the State reimburses 25 percent of his salary. Mr. Valandra mentioned this reimbursement would cover the pay increase he requested and was denied.

Whipple made the motion, seconded by Tinant, that the claims be approved as follows:

Payroll: Auditor: $1,054.72; Courthouse: $127.53; Veteran’s Office: $916.56; Sheriff’s Office: $2,202.93; Road & Bridge: $13,354.38; Emergency Management: $644.23; Various Deductions: First Fidelity Bank, Withholding, Social Security & Medicare, $4,222.67; SD Retirement System, Contribution, $1,925.26; General Deductions: Accounts Management Inc, Wage Garnishment, $50.00; Advance Asset Alliance, Wage Garnishment, $50.00; Agility, Life Insurance, $63.50; Medova Healthcare, Insurance September, $2,585.69; Nebraska Child Support, Child Support, $528.47.

Election: Barb Desersa, Election School Mileage, $37.80; Election Systems & Software, Ballots, $132.06; McLeod’s Office Supply, Supplies, $377.40; Seachange Print Innovations, Publications, $350.00; Auditor: Barb Desersa, Supplies, 25.56; Director Of Equalization: SoDak Printers, Envelopes, $136.50; Veterans Service Office: Computer Access, Microsoft Home, $129.00; Valentine Office Supply, Supplies, $66.09; Sheriff: AT&T, Cell Svc, $174.92; Jail: Winner Regional, Prisoner Care, $881.00; Mental Illness: Minnehaha County Auditor, Mi Expenses, $519.00; Road & Bridge: Flat Creek Construction, Gravel Processing, $12,818.77; Capital I Industries, Repairs, $52.36; Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Hotel Room, $170.00; Mission Lumber Hardware & Supply, Supplies, $4.50; Schubauer Tire & Lube, Repairs, $87.80; WW Tire Service Inc., Repairs, $527.32.

Roll call: All ayes. Motion carried.

At 11:13 a.m. Giroux made the motion to adjourn until December 5, 2018 at 10:00 a.m., seconded by Whipple.

Roll call: All ayes. Meeting adjourned.

Chairman, Gregg Grimshaw


County Auditor

Published once at the total approximate cost of $55.44

Published: December 5, 2018

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