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Notice of Hearing: Alexis Britt

Notice of Hearing


In the Superior Court of the State of Arizona

In and For the County of Maricopa


In the Matter of: ) Case #JS518253

Alexis Britt )

) Notice of Initial Hearing On

) Petition for Termination Of

) Patent-Child Relationship

A Minor Child(ren) )


Notice is Hereby Given that the Petitioner Brittany Britt has filed a Petition for Termination of Parent-Child Relationship with the Juvenile Court in Maricopa County regarding the above named child(ren).

A status hearing has been set to consider the petition:

Date: 8/27/2018

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Judge: Commissioner Shellie Smith

At the Maricopa County Juvenile Court located at:

Southeast Facility; 1810 S. Lewis Street; Mesa, AZ 85210

Notice: You have a right to appear as a party in this proceeding. The failure of a parent to appear at the Initial Hearing, the Pretrial Conference, the Status Conference or the Termination Adjudication Hearing may result in an adjudication terminating the parent-child relationship of that parent.

Failure to appear at the Initial Hearing, Pretrial Conference, Status Conference or Termination Adjudication Hearing, without good cause, may result in a finding that the parent, guardian or Indian custodian has waived legal rights and is deemed to have admitted the allegations in the Petition. The hearings may go forward in the absence of the parent, guardian or Indian custodian and may result in the termination of parental rights based upon the record and evidence presented.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $29.67

Published: August 1, 2018

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