City of Mission: Invitation to Bid Mission Paving 2018

Invitation to Bid 

Mission Paving 2018

Sealed Bids will be received at the office of the City Finance Officer until 2:00 p.m. on the 23rd day of April, 2018 for the above referenced Project for the City of Mission, South Dakota. 

At or shortly after the time named above and within City Hall, such Bids will be publicly opened, read aloud, and referred to the Engineer for review. Bids will be considered by the City at a subsequent meeting of the City Council. 

The Project includes the 6” concrete paving on Main Street from Highway 83 to First Street, Main Street from Highway 83 to Third Street, Third Street from Washington to Lincoln. Project consists of approximately 10,000 SY of asphalt milling, 1,750 CY of unclassified excavation, 10,000 SY of compacted asphalt milling for base course, 4,100 LF of curb and gutter, 9,000 SY of 6” concrete paving, approaches and valley gutters, not less than 205 SY of concrete sidewalk and street lighting for 12 lights including an engineered certified design. 

All Work on this project shall be substantially completed by the 31st day of August, 2019. Bidders agree to furnish all labor, material, equipment and installation necessary to complete all the work as shown on the plans and specifications.

Each bid shall be accompanied by a Bid Security as described in the Bidding Documents. The Successful Bidder shall be required to provide Payment and Performance Bonds as described in the Bidding Documents. 

Bidding Documents may be viewed online at bid documents or procured from the office of the Engineer. The Engineer may be contacted at TC Engineering Inc., One South Sycamore Street, North Platte, Nebraska, telephone (308) 534-9245, facsimile (308) 534-3735. 

Pursuant to State Law, a copy of the bidder’s sales and use tax license and a copy of the bidder’s excise tax license as issued by the State of South Dakota shall accompany the bid. In lieu of a copy of the license, the bidder shall submit appropriate evidence that the bidder and all affiliates have the appropriate licenses. Funding for this project is from the City of Mission.

The City reserves the right to reject any and/or all Bids, waive irregularities and make award(s) as deemed to be in the best interest of the City of Mission as set forth in the Bidding Documents. 

Dated at Mission, South Dakota this 4th day of April, 2018. 

BY: Heather Petersen 

Finance Officer 

Published twice at the total approximate cost of $59.52

Published: April 11, 18, 2018

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