Proceedings: TCSD 10-23-17 Corrected



Todd County School District

Mission, South Dakota

The October 23, 2017 regular meeting of the Todd County School District Board of Education was held at the Okreek School Gymnasium.

Board President Sandra K. Dillon called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. All motions carried unanimously, unless otherwise stated.

MEMBERS PRESENT: President Sandra K. Dillon, Vice President Debra Boyd, Member Melissa Whipple, Member Linda Bordeaux, Member Lavern Lanz

ADMINISTRATION PRESENT: Superintendent Karen Whitney, Business Manager Chad Blotsky, Middle School Principal Dana Haukaas

TCSD STAFF PRESENT: Yancy Gunhammer, Tess Canet, Lindsey Compton, Sage Fast Dog, Shyloe Bordeaux, Natalie Frederick-Johner, Corrine Sully, Christine Rhodes

OTHERS PRESENT: Jonathan Santos Silva, Wil Meya, Jan Villanova, Wilda Wooden Knife, Waylon Wooden Knife, Isabelle Wright, Miskoo Petite, Holly Petite 

Motion by Boyd, second by Whipple to adopt the agenda for the meeting.


- High School Principal George Shipley submitted the enrollment/attendance statistics at the high school for last school year and the current school year. Enrollment for 2016-17 was 372 with 77 percent attendance, an average of 286 students per day. This year shows an enrollment of 454, with 85 percent attendance, an average of 385 students per day. This 35 percent increase in daily attendance is proof that students want to be at TCHS and the school is trending in a positive direction, he said.

- Assistant High School Principal Mike Hammer acknowledged National Honor Society Students, who assisted with the district-wide Flu Shot Clinic in October. He said they were great ambassadors for TCHS and took their roles very seriously.

- Both Certified and Support Staff Attendance was also recognized:

Support Staff, Bus Shop – 94.45 percent, Support Staff, TCES – 93.92 percent, Food Service, HS Dining Hall – 98 percent, Certified Staff, He Dog – 93.67 percent, Support Staff, He Dog – 93.88 percent, Certified Staff, High School, 93.21 percent, Support Staff, High School – 93.17 percent, Certified Staff, Klein School – 93.13 percent, Support Staff, Klein School – 94.17 percent, Certified Staff, Lakeview – 94.90 percent, Support Staff, Littleburg – 99.92 percent, Certified Staff, Rosebud – 95.38, Certified Staff, Middle School – 94.95 percent, Support Staff, Achievement -94.17 percent

School Reports: Okreek School Showcase

Lakota Language Consortium Curriculum – Motion by Whipple, second by Dillon to approve. Vote 4-1 (Bordeaux voted No).


- Correspondence from the SD Department of Education said that Todd County met both teacher compensation accountabilities, as required by law.

- Modifications to the land lease for He Dog School was approved by Tribal Council on October 17, in Resolution #2017-298.

-An update was given on building progress by Dudley Rumrill, from Aaron Swan & Associates.

Motion by Whipple, second by Lanz to approve the Consent Agenda as amended. 

A. approve minutes of October 10, 2017 Regular, October 16, 2017 Special, and October 18, 2017 Special (as amended) Vote 4-0-1 (Lanz abstained)

B. pay October Bills: GENERAL FUND: Accent Florals By KC, $54.00; Ace Hardware, $13,389.04; American Horse School, $250.00; AP Examinations, $307.00; Arby’s, $304.09; Rusty Arthur, $280.00; AT&T, $56.38; Bennett County Boosters, $520.00; Black Hills Econo Lodge, $380.46; Chad Blotsky, $489.68; David Blue Thunder, $259.74; Shayla Bordeaux, $37.50; Bob Boyd Jr, $151.20; Debra Boyd, $59.64; Latoya Boyd, $7.50; Brett Burnette, $40.92; Bryant Burnette, $7.50; Danielle Burnette, $219.60; Cengage Learning, $3,346.00; Century Link, $218.60; Children’s Home Society, $3,933.00; Churchhill, Manolis, Freeman, Kludt, Shelton & Burns LLP, $256.40; Shane Colombe, $50.00; Comfort Suites, $57.00; Country Fabric & Craft, $409.85; Dairy Queen, $615.28; Brenda Demery, $7.50; Destination Imagination Inc, $385.00; Heidi Doyle, $8.97; Kristopher Dozark, $100.00; John Driscoll, $330.00; Vikki Eagle Bear, $128.42; Department of Environment & Natural Resources, $20.00; Joe Gabaldon, $7.50; Tate Gabriel, $100.00; Golden West Companies, $4,156.83; Golden West Technologies, $5,643.94; Great Plains Communications, $363.29; Will Guerue, $75.00; Tee Jay Halligan, $50.00; Heart City Plumbing & Heating, $13,790.80; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, $2,800.70; Hometown Lumber, $83.28; Bonnie Hopperdietzel, $128.42; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, $1,390.85; Intercoms Online.Com, $407.29; Mark Iyotte, $100.00; Jody Jackson, $128.42; Terrence Keller, $100.00; Randy Kludt, $160.00; LaCreek Electric Association Inc, $1,294.31; Tyler Left Hand Bull, $67.50; Library Store Inc, $1,505.77; Curt Littau, $330.00; Phyllis Littau, $75.00; Lustre-Cal Corporation, $490.00; M & M Productions, $350.00; Marco Technologies LLC, $9,484.13; MCI, $99.55; Kelly Meiners, $316.96; Kevin Meiners, $516.96; Mid-Plains Community College, $624.00; Samantha Millard, $750.00; Orlando Morrison, $372.81; National Indian Impacted Schools Association, $350.00; National Restaurant Association Solutions LLC, $2,250.00; Patricia Naylor-Knox, $112.83; NCS Pearson Inc, $449.96; Office Products Center, $6,048.10; Eric Pollard, $286.12; Kylie Randall, $7.50; Region VII Honor Band, $49.00; Sanford Laboratories, $10,521.00; School Specialty Inc, $3,265.20; Mindi Schubert, $46.20; Rashad Shannon, $151.20; Sheraton Sioux Falls Convention Center, $129.00; George Shipley, $128.42; Simplex Grinnell LP, $1,927.50; Mark Smith, $184.00; Solid Waste Collection, $5,798.81; David Stirek, $200.00; Tie Office, $100.00; Neil Traversie, $135.00; Dennisa Valandra, $7.50; Sarah Valandra, $40.92; Brendan Waln, $7.50; Tonya Whirlwind Soldier, $1,000.00; White River FCCLA, $112.00; Phyllis White Shield, $37.50; Rebecca White, $37.50; Karen Whitney, $32.00; Allen Wilson, $252.68; Michael Wilson, $50.00; Albert C Witt, $157.50; Diamond Young, $7.50; Louis K Young, $100.00; Justin Zeigler, $366.96; IMPREST FUND: Shelby Schmit, $141.00; Lindsey Compton, $1,601.12; Leah Running Bear, $700.00; Dean Feller, $1,155.98; Les Makes Room For Them, $576.33; Lindsey Compton, $1,297.36; Brenan Kelly, $517.97; Alannah Young, $606.62; Brennan Kelly, $601.01; Alannah Young, $404.45; Richard Fernen, $63.00; Ben Bordeaux, $250.00; Ben Bordeaux, $350.00; Ben Bordeaux, $1,000.00; Jim Herman, $100.00; Brian Sieh, $211.12; White River High School, $25.00; TOTAL GENERAL FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $116,393.94.

CARL D PERKINS: Fisher Scientific Education, $137.48; Project Lead The Way Inc, $427.63; TOTAL CARL D PERKINS WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $565.11.


JOHNSON O’MALLEY: Henderson’s IGA Inc, $128.71; M & M Productions, $225.00; Positive Promotions Inc, $145.45; Reinhart Foodservice, $938.51; George Shipley, $179.14; Scott Shupe, $1,985.00; Taco John’s, $203.58; Steve Tamayo, $250.00; IMPREST FUND: Sam’s Club, $341.69; Sam’s Club, $137.62; TOTAL JOHNSON O’MALLEY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $4,534.70.

REAP: Bureau of Education & Research, $717.00; TOTAL REAP WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $717.00.

SCHOOL WIDE: Center For Responsive Schools, $57.00; Dakota Education LLC, $5,050.00; Heidi Doyle, $13.77; Education Teaching Aids/Hand2Mind, $57.57; Holiday Inn City Center, $280.00; Northwest Evaluation Association, $500.00; Office Products Center, $690.00; TOTAL SCHOOL WIDE WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $6,648.34.

CAPITAL OUTLAY: Flinn Scientific Inc, $11,022.90; Marco Technologies LLC, $16,008.60; TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $27,031.50.

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Amsterdam Printing & Litho, $324.18; Molly Dent ED S, $9,646.80; Golden West Companies, $402.72; Undisclosed Recipient, $141.12; Karl’s-Winner, $889.96; Undisclosed Recipient, $1,440.00; Plankinton School District 1-1, $2,070.00; Sheraton Sioux Falls Convention Center, $716.00; Speech & Language Studio of The Black Hills, $10,400.00; U S Postal Service, $116.00; Valentine Office Supply, $301.35; Winner Physical Therapy Inc, $15,000.00; TOTAL SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $41,448.13.


FOOD SERVICE FUND: Heather Baker, $60.00; Casey’s General Store, $107.50; Central Restaurant Products, $15,125.66; Heart City Plumbing & Heating, $4,880.07; Stacee Pyner, $321.24; Reinhart Foodservice, $30,557.64; US Foodservice Inc, $6,003.69; TOTAL FOOD SERVICE FUND WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $57,055.80.

TRUST & AGENCY: Expenditures - $10,484.43; IMPREST FUND: Expenditures - $200.00; TOTAL TRUST & AGENCY WARRANTS DISBURSED FOR OCTOBER 23, 2017: $10,684.43.

C. request permission for one student and one chaperone to attend the 2017 National Student Leadership Academy November 29-December 1, 2017, in Washington, DC.

D. certified salary adjustment: Angela Jameson, Elementary Teacher, TCES, $42, 500 BA to $44,000 MA.

E. Motion by Lanz, second by Whipple to approve Certified Contract Enters: Chaley Fleetwood, Elementary Teacher, He Dog, $33,056 prorated. Steven Lindskov, Exceptional Education Teacher, Resource Center, $23,280 prorated. 

F. Supplemental Contract Resignation: Heather Frederick, Eighth Grade Basketball Coach, TCMS

G. Supplemental Contract Offers:

Waylon Bordeaux, Eighth Grade Girls Basketball Coach, TCMS, $2,465

Jordan Delgarito, Fall Cheerleading Co-Advisor, TCMS, $999

Melissa Mancini, Cheerleading Advisor, He Dog School, $893

Joey Valandra, Assistant Elementary Girls Basketball Coach, TCES, $1,148

Rayni Gassman, 12th Grade Co-Advisor, TCHS, $425

H. approve Support Staff recommendations:

Ty Spotted Tail, TCES, termination due to violation of School Board Policy

Dusty Neiss, FS Assistant, reassignment to FS Manager II, He Dog, $10.70 per hour

employment offers, pending results of criminal background in investigation:

Naiomi Rodriguez, FS Assistant, Rosebud Elementary, $10.45 per hour

Savad Jimenez Rodriguez, Cusodian, TCES, $9.70 per hour

Joshua Wilson, Maintenance, Bus Shop, $9.70 per hour

Edward Menard, FS Assistant, TCES, $9.70 per hour

Alan Jack, FS Assistant, He Dog School, $10.95 per hour

I. approve Substitutes/Volunteers: Jeffrey Dog Trail - Food Service, Regina Neiss – Food Service, Sarah Graham – Teacher/Teacher Aide, Clarence Hodgkis – Food Service, Custodian

Volunteer – Frank Iron Heart – TCES, TCMS, TCHS

Motion by Whipple, second by Bordeaux to approve Title I & IV Positions:

Family & Community Engagement Coordinator – 200 days, Professional Contract, $42,500 – Title I

Elementary Art Teacher – Certified Teacher Contract, days as designated by TCEA Negotiated Agreement, $42,500 – Title IV

High School Spanish Teacher – Certified Teacher Contract, days as designated by TCEA Negotiated Agreement, $42,500 – Title I

Three Paras at TCES – ESP Negotiated Agreement Salary Schedule for Paras – Title I

One Para at Rosebud – ESP Negotiated Agreement Para Professional Hiring Guide – Title I

One Para at Spring Creek – ESP Negotiated Agreement Para Professional Hiring Guide Title I

One Para at Lakeview – ESP Negotiated Agreement Para Professional Hiring Guide – Title I

One Para at Littleburg – ESP Negotiated Agreement Para Professional Hiring Guide – Title I

The meeting adjourned at 7:13 p.m.

Sandra K. Dillon, President

Chad Blotsky, Business Manager & Recorder

Published once at the total approximate cost of $140.49

Published: November 22, 2017

PO Box 229, Mission, SD 57555 • 605-856-4469 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.